Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy 35th Birthday to...

He is the best friend and husband around! I love you and hope you have a fun day!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Goodbye mid 20's, hello late 20's

(27 years ago)

26 went so fast! I feel like I just wrote my blog entry for turning 26 but here I am again another year older. Each years seems to be going faster and faster. I woke up to my sweet husband singing to me and then some chocolate cake for breakfast so I would have to say that my 27th year is starting off well. So, here goes a quick summary of being 26....

26. Went sailing and learned that you should not set up the food before the boat gets going
25. Went to the mountains & learned that checking your tire chains a couple of times is worth it
24. Started dancing again
23. Got Mono
22. Worked from home for my entire 26th year
21. Started a garden
20. Started sewing
19. I became a lot better at doing apartment maintenance
18. Started reading for pleasure and joined a book club
17. Made a new work-out buddy that turned into a great friend
16. Laughed more than I cried
15. Directed a musical
14. Did my first primary program for Sacrament meeting
13. Became a member of Team Edward, Team Jack, and Team Peeta and Gale (undecided still)
12. Enjoyed eating at Cafe Rio in CA!
11. Ran 5 miles strait. (That is huge for me!)
10. Sang a lot with my husband
9. Got a dog!
8. Made a bunch of new girl friends that I love
7. Made a huge step in the right direction for our financial goals
6. Spent to much time on Facebook
5. Missed my mom and sister
4. Got to see my Bff
3. Baked my first bread & cookies from scratch
2. Loved and appreciated my husband more than ever
1. Became closer to my Heavenly Father and built my testimony in Jesus Christ.

It was a fun year and I am excited to see what 27 will bring! Thank you to everyone who made this past year so fun and I am so blessed to have all of you in my life.

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