Tuesday, May 12, 2009

"You Mormons have a very respectable reputation"

I had a carpet sales man come to my property today(I will call him "Bob"). I have worked with him at some of my previous properties so I let him come take measurments to give me a quote. He noticed the picture of Christ on my wall and...

Bob: "I'm a born again Christian, what church do you go to?"

Me: "Latter day Saint"

Bob: " My son has a Mormon friend. Is it ok to call you Mormon?"

Me: "Sure, that is fine"

Bob: " You know your church has the best reputation out of all the churches"

Me: "Really?"

Bob: " Yes. You know when some one says '"He's a Mormon" that he will be 1. Honest 2. Trust worthy 3. Their children will be polite and well behaved 4. He will never be divorsed."

Me: "Thank you. That is nice to hear."

My thoughts were 1. Wow, that was really nice 2. I'm glad I had that picture up. 3. He is a better sales man that I thought ;-)

Friday, May 1, 2009

Let's Go Dodgers!

Starting our 2009 Dodger season!

Last night Aaron and I went to our first Dodger game of the year. We went with Darrel and Braden (Aaron's brothers) and had a great time! The drive up there was HORRIBLE (traffic) and the parking situation was EVEN WORSE but it was worth it. We all got our Dodger fleece blankets, Dodger dogs, nachos, and a WIN against the San Diego Padres.

(the Christensen boys at their best)

I must say they all looked very handsome in their Dodger gear :-)

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