Thursday, September 12, 2013

Michael is 4 months!

Hey there little Mikey! Happy 4 months!

Your stats are:
27" long 95+%
16 lbs 75%

You are growing, growing, growing! You continue to be such a happy baby boy. In fact, that is usually the first thing people notice about you. And then they move quickly to how big you are. 

You love to giggle and your brother and you love to giggle back and forth. I have to say that one of my favorite parts of watching you grow is seeing your relationship with your brother develop. Most of time you boys like to giggle at each other while you are in the car. You two love each other and have the best time playing. I can tell you can't wait till you can get up and run around with him.

You are defiantly teething and you always have your hands in your mouth. No teeth yet but I'm sure they are coming soon.You also have found your feet and love to chew on those too.

This month you have started fussing at night. It starts at 9pm to be exact and I'm not kidding about that. I don't even need to look at a clock to know it is 9pm anymore. You will even wake up from a peaceful sleep to cry at 9pm. It's kind of crazy. It lasts about 2 hrs and then you will fall asleep for the night (well, at least for about 3 hrs). Since our pool is heated and it has been very warm out I will take you swimming during that time and you quiet right down. You love going in the pool.

You are getting to be very wiggly. In fact, it was pretty hard to take your 4 month picture. You always want to be standing and moving around. You have such strong legs!

You like to stick your tongue out and do it a lot.  Especially when you smile. I just think it is the cutest thing ever.

Your eyes seem to be staying dark and your hair is coming in a dark blond.  Lots of people are saying you look a lot like me now. I spend a lot of time day dreaming about what you will look when you are all grown up. But no matter what or who you look like I just pray that you grow up to be a man that knows how to work hard, have integrity, and have a strong testimony of your heavenly Father and the gospel. Your dad and I talk all the time about what we can do to help you grow up and be happy. We love you so much little monkey.

We took a  mini day vacation to Arrowhead on Labor day. This was your first time up to the mountains and we loved showing you and your brother around. You mostly just stayed snuggled up with me while Daddy and brother went exploring. Going to the mountains is my favorite thing to do. I find peace there and re-charge for going back to every day life.

While up there you got to meet your 2nd cousin Jack Ward. You two are very close in age and it was fun seeing you two meet each other.

 I can't wait to see what this next month will bring! Love you little Mikey.

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