Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Michael is 6...and 7 months!

Hi my darling little Mikey. You are now 7 months old! You have done A LOT of growing and changing the last two months and I'm excited to tell you about it. You are still a very happy and content baby. You have no problem finding something to play with on your own but love when Dane plays with you too.

7 month Stats:
Weigh- TBD
Height- TBD
Clothing- 9-12 months
Diapers- 3 for the day and 4 at night

Your hair is still a dish water blond and your eyes are dark hazel. I think both aren't done changing. But you absolutely look a lot like me but with your daddy's nose and mouth. People still ask if you and your brother are twins.

Right at 6 months you started scooting around. Mostly pushing backwards and you also figured out how to get into crawling position. At 6 1/2 months you started crawling. And not just experimenting with crawling, I mean really getting around. Before that you liked to plank  and do "downward dog" a lot. Right around this time you also figured out how to sit your self up. I was startled to walk into your room and finding you sitting up in your crib waiting for me.

At 7 months you started pulling your self up to standing and you are a really fast crawler now. I call you my little puppy dog because you will just crawl around behind me where ever I go. You want to always be in the same room as me and if you aren't and brother isn't playing with you, you will cry. I love looking down and seeing this little face looking back at me.

On December 7th you cut your first tooth! It was your lower left front tooth. Your teething signs were that you were very drooly,  a little more clingy & fussy and that you didn't want to eat solid food. You got your second tooth exactly one week later! It was you lower right front tooth. You have been chewing on everything you can get your hands on. Including me!

You are still our little bean pole. Long and skinny! Lately you have really been blowing me away with your flexibility/strength/balance. I will find you sitting in the funnies positions like it is no big deal. And you are FAST! If you see something that you want you get it. I tell your daddy that you have his reflexes.

Something that you do that I just adore is that when I pick you up you get extremely excited and start flapping your arms, kicking your feet, scrunching your face, and panting. Then you will borrow you face into my shoulder or face like you are giving me a hug and a kiss. We are so in love my little monkey.

Since we started solids (at about 6 1/2 months) you have been getting constipated a lot. It is so sad and I can tell you are so uncomfortable. I have increased the amount of peaches I give you and reduced the amount of rice cereal by a bit and that has really helped. You are a great eater still and will eat and fruit or veggie that we give you. You also are still nursing throughout the day and night.

Sleeping is going okay. You still wake up 2 times throughout the night (sometimes 3...that third one kills me:) and nap about 3 times a day. You like a late morning nap at around 10 and then your big nap is with Dane from 1-3pm and then a short nap at around 5. I can just put you in your crib with your Binkie and "Mimi blankie" and you will just fall asleep. Lots of times you just nap on the go. I guess that is what happens when there are more than just one baby in the home.

We love you easy going/happy/feisty personality and you have really found your place in our family. We can't imagine life without you now. Especially Dane. He just can't get enough of you and loves to give you kisses and hugs.

Your favorite people right now: Mama, Dane, Dada, Yaya, Nana

You brighten our lives little Mikey and we adore you for that.

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