Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Here is a lazy post about our Halloween festivities so far (pictures in a completely random order, sorry)

We won best family costume at our ward Halloween party.

This was our big competition for the costume contest. They won best adult costume and really deserved it. She made all of their costumes! So cute.

Mama Bee and baby Sunflower aka Shawna and Shye.

Anaheim 4th ward peeps

The Walks threw a really fun Halloween party and everyone dressed up! Here are the boys fighting it out at the donut eating contest.

Back to the ward party for a pic of the girls (minus Rachel...we missed you).

One of the YW was dressed as a referee and so we grabbed her for some pics. I'm pretty sure she thought we were crazy.

Now back to the Walk's party, the night ended with a little Rock Band.

Aaron tells me this is the "triple threat" pose...what ever that is.

What did you dress up as for Halloween?

Saturday, October 8, 2011

25 Weeks

Well, it looks like my blogging has been reduced to an every 5 week event. It's not because there isn't anything to blog about but more like we are so busy that I just don't have time.

I got a little bit of anxiety when I looked at my pregnancy ticker and it said we have less then 15 weeks left. I have a feeling these last 14 weeks will go by a lot faster than the first 14 weeks of pregnancy.

25 Weeks picture

2o weeks picture for comparison.
It doesn't really look like I've gotten much bigger since 20 weeks but that can't be right. I feel so much bigger and heavier. It is getting harder to maneuver.

Oh, and for all of you wondering if I am naked in these pictures, I'm not. You can kind of see in the top one I am wearing a black t-shirt and black yoga pants.

At 25 weeks I:

  • am starting to feel pretty big
  • have pretty text book weight gain. Not under not over.
  • have painted the nursery & prepped the chair rails to go up.
  • started the stroller selection process. It is a little traumatizing, I'm not going to lie.
  • am still craving green grapes but now I can't stop thinking about Costco's chocolate dipped ice-cream bar.
  • Experienced my first swollen ankles. This happened when we flew to Miami, luckily they went back down pretty fast.
  • Have increased my working out. I figured it is only going to get harder so I might as well do what I can when I can.
  • We are pretty close to a name decision.
  • am enjoying all of the kicks and wiggles from this active little boy.
  • can recognize his sleep cycles. So neat!
  • am enjoying singing in the OCMCO! He seems to love listening to the music.
  • am itchy. Really just around my belly button and bio-oil helps with it.
  • will have an outie pretty soon:)
  • starting to try to figure out someone to take newborn pics. Any suggestion?
That's it for now.

I also wanted to thank everyone for their registering suggestions. They are great! We will be making our first trip to register this week. Hopefully we are less overwhelmed then when we went to look at strollers. While we are on the topic, any suggestions on strollers?

Next post: Our Miami trip! Be prepared for some pregnant lady bathing suit pictures.

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