Monday, July 22, 2013

Mikey is 2 months!

Mikey you are two months old! You are getting so big already and your personality is shining through. You are a very happy baby. It seems like pure joy is coming out of your eyes. I call you "baby bright eyes" a lot when you look at me with your happy eyes. You had a break through when you were 38 days old and started smiling. Really smiling. Ever since then you will smile at me and daddy and really anyone that will make eye contact with you. You also have already started giggling. It is sooo cute. You are ticklish on your chest and when I tickle you there you will giggle and smile.

You are getting better and better at holding your head up and holding it kind of still. You are still wobbly but are getting stronger by the day. You don't seem to be in a rush to sit, or roll, or stand...YET. I know it is coming soon. Take your time little one.

You have lost a lot of you dark thick hair on the front of your head but still have a lot in the back so it looks like you have a receding hair line. I can see the glisten of blonde hair starting to come in under all of your black hair. Your eye color is still a mystery. Some days they look gray, some days they look olive green, some days they look like they have blue, green, and gray. We will just wait and see. Speaking of waiting and seeing, some times I try to imagine what you will look like when you are all grown up. I know you will be so handsome. Secretly though, I want you to stay my baby with your chubby cheeks and skinny legs. You have a few dimples. A deep one on your right cheek and then two small ones above your top lip by your nose. You have big ears that are just the cutest ever. They are your daddy's ears and you will grow into them.


Your brother still adores you. When we are out side playing he will be off running around and then about every 10 minutes he will come back to give you a kiss and rub your head. You don't seem to notice it too much yet but I know you two will have a special bond as you grow older. He still calls you "Doodeee" and it has kind of caught on with your dada and Auntie Lala. I still like to call you Mikey or my little monkey.


Speaking of your Auntie Laura "Lala", she just loves you sooo much. You like to give her big smiles and you two snuggle when ever she gets a break from playing with your brother.

As far as what people notice about you they always comment on how you look a lot like your brother (its true) and how you look like me. I think that is funny because you look soooo much like your daddy it is like we just cloned you. They probably say that because your skin is still tan looking and you have dark hair and eyes like me. But, give it a few months and that will change I bet.

You are still sleeping in a bassinet next to our bed. It is the same one that Dane slept in too. You gave me a couple night of sleeping 5-6 hrs strait! I of course still woke up every 2-3 to make sure nothing was wrong. But normally you are up every 3 hrs to eat. You are kind of a loud sleeper and make lots of little grunting noises. I like it because I know you are okay with out looking but it also wakes me up some times. We have gotten into a good routine during the day of "Sleep, eat, play,sleep, eat, play" and it keeps both of us calm and happy.I carry you around in my sling or baby carrier a lot and you also like to sit in your swing. I have had to put your swing in the pack-and-play though, because your brother also likes to sit in your swing....when you are in it. Yikes!

Nursing is going really well. You are a noisy little eater and make all kinds of squeaks and grunts when you nurse. If the milk doesn't come down right away you will cry and wiggle like crazy until it does. I no longer eat dairy because it was making you really uncomfortable. I noticed when I would eat dairy you would get a red bumpy rash around your mouth and be really fussy with lots of burbs and passing gas. I miss ice cream but I will eat it again some day:-)

 As far as my recovery is going I seem to have stopped loosing a lot of weight now. I also seem to have a little post pardon depression this time around. I don't have any bad feelings towards you or your brother or my self. I just seem to get over whelmed really easily and feel like crying a lot. It will get better when I get a little bit more sleep. I know it will. It has taken a long time for me to stop hurting from delivery this time and I still hurt when I try to walk a lot. I'm still bleeding but it is slowing down to almost nothing now. My feet have grown! When I got pregnant with you I wore an 8.5 and now I think I wear a 9.

I am so in love with you little monkey! I can't wait to see you grow and develop. You are already bring so much joy into our family.

Your stats are:

25" long  97%
12lbs 13oz 75%
size 1 diaper
Size 3 months clothing

PS- You went to your first Dodger game and they won!

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