Friday, May 31, 2013

Michael is 1 month!

My little Mikey is one month old! This has been such a great month with this little monkey. I am in love again! I was worried when I was pregnant with him on how adding another little one to the mix would work. I was worried how Dane would take it and how he would interact with him. I was worried how I would adjust with the new responsibility. But everything has come together so perfectly and our little family seems even stronger and happier now. I knew there was a reason that God wanted this little boy to join our family so soon and that was confirmed the first time Dane met his little brother and gave him a kiss and hug like he already knew him. Nothing has changed and Dane still gets really excited every time he sees Michael and comes over to give him a kiss.

Michael's stats 5 days after birth:
22 in long 95%
8lbs 8oz 75%
Head 34cm
Wearing newborn size diapers and clothes


Michael's stats at 1 month:
23.25 in long over 95%
10lbs 3oz 75%
Head 37.5cm
Wearing 0-3 month clothes and size 1 diapers

Here are both my boys at 1 month



Michael has been a wonderful little newborn. He eats well and has had no problem with nursing. He also doesn't have any reflux so he only spits up once in a while. I over-prepared thinking that all my babies would be like Dane and now I have all these burp cloths not being used. I am just glad that he isn't dealing with the pain of reflux.

Big news! Mikey will take a bottle and a binkey no problem! I wanted to try giving him a bottle early so that if needed he would take one and he had no problem with it. Hello date night!

His first Sunday to church was on Mother's Day and he slept the whole time. Mother's day turned out to be so busy I didn't even take a picture with my boys.

Mikey is a little squeaker. He squeaks when he nurses and when he sleeps. It is pretty adorable.

Every time he is going #2 he will pucker his lips up. Dane did the same thing and I appreciate the warning:-)

He also has developed a pattern: Nurse one side, burp 2 times, poop, hiccups, then nurse the other side and then burp 2 times. I kid you not, this happens every single time. He is dependable!

Mikey is a sleeper! There have been a few nights where he will go for 5 hrs without waking up. It scared me at first and I woke him up to feed but now we seem to be on a good little schedule that we are both happy with. Most nights he wakes up every 3 hrs to nurse and for some reason it isn't nearly as hard this time waking up so much. Maybe because Dane only stopped waking up at night about 6 months ago so I'm used to it already? I also discovered that he doesn't like to sleep on his back, he prefers his side(really his tummy but I'm following the rules, don't worry). Which makes me nervous but he sleeps soooo much better if he is on his side.

He will take a binky but pretends like he hates it at first then remembers that he loves it.

He HATES a dirty diaper and will fuss until it is changed.


This little boy is long and skinny. I love his dark hair and I'm a little sad that I can already see it starting to get lighter. He has pretty dark skin right now but I'm sure that will lighten up too. I can't tell what his eyes are going to do yet and I love the mystery. Mikey has such long fingers with long nail beds. I love his little hands and feet.  I have been a little more protective with Mikey as far as going out and having others hold him.

Dane and his best friend Charlotte 

Comments from others:
He is so skinny
He is so dark
Look at all his black hair!
He has a big nose for a baby (He has his daddy's nose for sure and it is adorable)
He is such a good baby

All about Mom:
My recovery has been muuuuuuuuch harder this time around. I think it has to do with it being my second delivery, I'm older, and I'm not really taking it easy. I was back at work literally from the hospital bed and have been going since then. I am eternally grateful for the help and meals that my friends, family, and ward members have given me. It means more to me than you know and even though it is hard for me to accept being served I am learning to let it happen. I have more thoughts on that that I'll share later. One month later I have lost 21lbs and had lost 15lbs 5 days after his birth. A women's body is incredible! So, I have 9lbs to lose to get to pre-Michael pregnancy weight and 18 to lose to get to pre-Dane pregnancy weight. I never did lose it all with Dane. However, I am getting really excited about getting into shape this time. I think I am going to focus on weight training and not so much on getting to a certain weight. I want to build muscle.

My milk came in fast, on the second day, and nursing has been great. I got engorged when my milk came in but didn't freak out like I didn't when it happened with Dane. Nursing always seems to hurt on my right side for the first few days but then goes away. I did have the beginnings of  Mastitis but was able to massage it out in the shower and by nursing. Oh man did it hurt and my whole body was achy.

Monkey- He is our little monkey...because we think he looks like a little monkey :-)
Doodee- This is what Dane calls him. He will say "Hi Doodee" every time he sees him. I think it is his way of saying "Hi Baby"

The boys about to do "Knuckles"

All about Dad:
Aaron is like an old pro now with handling Mikey. He is relaxed and is really enjoying all of the snuggles that he is getting. He will still admit to not really liking the newborn stage but I think that is pretty normal. He loves his boys! He thinks that it is crazy that Mikey has his exact nose and feels like he is just looking at a "mini-me" sometimes. 

Overall this past month has been so great and I feel so blessed to hug and kiss and snuggle this healthy little boy. I am definitely enjoying and trying to soak in this newborn stage as much as possible.  

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Dane is 15 months

My sweet baby Dane is 15 months and now a big brother! He has been growing and learning and expressing him self so much in the last 3 months it is incredible. He is still just a baby but he all of a sudden seems so grown up to me.

His stats are:

34" tall 95%
26 lbs 75%
He has 12 teeth and is cutting his 4 eye teeth

He is talking A LOT now. Lots of words are pretty clear like:
No (ugh, I was hoping he wouldn't figure that word out for just a little longer)
Nice shot
Good throw
Pees (for Please)
What's that
Watch (he says this a lot now when he is going to do something)
Watch this
Ta Tu "Thank you"
Tra (for Truck)

He knows and will tell you what the following animals say:
Snake "sssss"
Dog "woof, woof". This is also his new word for dog
Cow started off as "mooo" but then changed to "dooooo"
Monkey "Ah,ah"
Pig "unk, unk"
Lion "raaaaa"
Cat "mawww"

Here is a video of some Dane doing some of the animal sounds. I just forgot to ask him to do the pig:-)

Will find the following body parts:
Eyes- he likes to show us Michael's eyes. Which just means he is always poking him in the eyes

He will wave hi and bye, give a "high five", give "knuckles", and shake hands on command. 

We have some pictures hanging in the dining room and he knows which one is the Temple, Family, and basketball.


He will fold his arms for prayer time and sometimes will fold them before we eat without being asked. However we now need to work on staying quiet during the prayer;-)

Dane is a very sensitive boy. When other people cry he cries (including Michael). I also think he is kind of shy with other people about expressing him self. When he is with someone else and we aren't there I think he doesn't let on if he is scared or tired or upset. He just goes with the flow.

He is also very careful. And by that I mean when he is climbing or stepping over things he is slow and cautious and after he does it he is very proud of himself. We love how he will say "Watch this, watch this, watch this" when he is doing something he thinks is cool.

Dane isn't shy and will go up to new people and say hi and do a high five or Knuckles. However, sometimes he gets nervous around loud things. Like when we go to DT Disney he is obviously nervous around the street performers. He will twiddle his fingers and want to be right by either Aaron or me. Sometimes he will even cry. He is more of a watch from a distance kind of guy.


He is a climber now. Nothing is safe. However, I am excited that he has figured out how to go down the stairs on his own now.

Ooooh, the hitting and throwing. It's a phase. At least that is what all the websites say and I keep telling my self. When he is upset and not getting his way or when he is tired he hits. More like flails his arms in frustration but sometimes it is a definite hit.  We are working with him with this but it will take time. So sorry in advance but we are trying. Any advice on this?

He is also exploring with screaming. He has a good one! So how do you teach a 15 month old to have a soft voice?

The biggest change of course is Dane becoming a big brother. Michael was born just a few days after Dane turned 15 months old and he couldn't ask for a better bigger brother. Dane saw Michael for the first time in the hospital and we had no idea what to expect. It was kind of a magical moment when Dane saw Michael and came right up to him gave him a kiss, rubbed his head, and said "Hi Doodee". Since Dane is so young there wasn't really anything that we did to prepare him for a baby. If he was given a baby doll to hold he would throw it across the room. But with Mikey, it was like he recognized him and knew just what to do. It has been the same ever since.I am sooooo excited to see this relationship grow and develop. I often pray that they will be the best of friends. I know there is a reason God wanted them born so close together. 

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Summer time=splash pad!

The other night we decided to go to the Long Beach Town Center for a family outing. We had so much fun. I didn't really come prepared for Dane to actually play in the splash pad as I thought we would just walk around and get some dinner but good luck keeping this boy out of the water. So we decided to get real classy and strip him down to his diaper.

He had so much fun we are defiantly going to make this a regular place to visit over the summer. It is so nice that he can play in the water but I don't have to worry about him drowning. I wish I knew of more splash pads!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

He is here!

Michael Paul Christensen
Born April 27th, 2013 at 3.58pm
8 lbs 3 oz 
20 1/2 inches long

(Pictures above by the talented  Cody Walk Photography)


You are a week old today, my darling little Michael, and I can tell you that everyone in your family is over the moon in love with you. Welcome to the world!

(Birth story will be coming soon.)

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