Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Dane and Roan

I put the boys on the couch and this is what went down...

Dane- "Oh, here she goes with the camera again. You better smile."
 Roan- "Ooo! Okay!"  
D-"Cheeeeese"  R-" Hey, Dane, check out that toy over there."

D-"Think we can get it?" R-"I''l try...Ugg, I'm stuck!"
D-"Wooo, cool move" R-"I know"

D- "Do it again, I'm watching this time" R- "Hmmm, okay"

D-"Oh, I see how you do it" R-"It's harder than it looks"
D-"Freeze! Look natural, my Mom is watching" R-"Do-de-do, nothing is going on over here"

R-"Why don't you come over here and we can both make a run for it" D-"I don't know, it is a long way down off of this couch"

R-"You can do it. I'll wait here" D- "Okay. Let me just lean this way..."
D- "Uh, head is really heavy!"

D-"Help! I'm stuck!" R-"Oh brother"
R-"Here, let me give you a hand"

D- "Thanks, dude"

D- "Soooo, now what?"
D- "You still there?" R-"Ya, I'm here"

D- "Did you see that?! It's a bird, It's a plane, it's...." R- "It's your lamp, silly"

D- "All this wiggling is making me tired, can I just rest my head on your shoulder?"
R-"Umm, dude, that is not cool. Get off!"

D-"I'm going to eat you!" R-"I'm getting out of here"

D-"Wait don't leave! I was just kidding"

D-"I just farted"

R- "Auntie Marly, help! Dane farted on me!"

The end

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Not fun.

It has been a rough 2 weeks. Blah. I feel like there are so many posts that I want to make (like Dane's 4 month post) but I've just been too busy with dumb things.

1. Work. I should start off by saying that I am very grateful for my job, and that it allows me to be home to raise my son. Truly grateful. However, being in property management really is a pain in the neck sometimes (okay, most of the time). Don't believe me? Read the stories on this blog. To try and keep this short I can summarize what happened by saying that I have a vacancy so the owner is going crazy. Only one vacancy, only been vacant for 15 days, 10 of which I couldn't show the apartment due to maintenance issues. So, one thing led to another, then, after our managers' meeting, I found an extra envelope included with my paycheck. It contained a write-up. No, there was no discussion, no verbal warning, no signing of forms.  And in said write up it states that they want me to answer the door while breastfeeding. This coming from the people that gave me 3 days off after giving birth, 2 of which I was in the hospital. No maternity leave. I didn't say anything. Again because I am really grateful for this job and really, compared to previous PM jobs, this one is by far the best.

2. The day after finding that write up I found out my bike had been stolen. I love my bike. We haven't been riding much since Dane was born but planned on getting a seat for it so Dane can join us on rides. Anyway, we have video footage of this idiot riding around on my bike in the parking area for about 10 min because he couldn't figure out how to get out. When he did get out, I pulled in exactly 2 minutes after.

3. Dane has started acting like he is teething. Enough said.

4. I got food poisoning and was up all night dealing with that. Dane decided that it would be a good idea to keep me company since being up all night is fun to him:-)

5. Everyone is moving away. It is just not in the cards for me to live in the same town as my best friends for very long.

So, yeah, a rough 2 weeks. Things are looking up though...

1. I went and met with my supervisors to clarify some issues and let them know I will not be answering the door while feeding my child. We left the meeting on good terms and smiling. This really is a good company. I'm just the first manager in the company to have had a baby. I just keep telling myself that I won't be a property manager forever.

2. Aaron found my bike! He can now add private investigator to his resume. After submitting a police report he went to a nearby bike shop where we have purchased some things and told the owner what happened. The nice guy told Aaron to check the pawn shops and to check out a certain bike store where he has heard people have found their stolen bikes. He checked the pawn shops. Nothing. The next day he decided to just run over and check that bike store and, wouldn't you know it, there was my bike sitting in the front of the shop! My jaw dropped when Aaron came riding out on my bike (I was waiting in the car with the boys). They had stripped it of its accessories but it still had our registration sticker and serial number on it. So we called the cops. 3 cop cars showed up, Aaron had to prove it was our bike (thank goodness Aaron keeps meticulous records), and the store owner just handed it back. Aaron then had to ride it the 4 miles back home as I shadowed him in the car to make sure no gang bangers tried to get it back. Okay, I was a little paranoid but we weren't exactly in the best part of town.

3. Said teether is just too cute!

4. Food poisoning has passed and Dane let me take a 2 hr nap the next day. The only sad part about this is that I think it will be a while before I can eat at Chipotle again. Bummer. I guess that is what I get for cheating on Cafe Rio.

5. I still have some awesome friends close by. And those of you who have moved better keep in touch! 

Hope your week is going better than mine! I'm done complaining now:-)

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

Today was a good day. I am so grateful to be able to wake up this morning and snuggle my little baby Dane. 

I've never really had problems with Mother's Day. I was sad sometimes that I didn't have a baby to hold during sacrament meeting, and sometimes I felt funny when I would have to stand at the end to receive the Mother's Day gift. But really I love that we have a day to celebrate mothers. And Aaron always seems to find a way to make me feel special and loved on Mother's Day.

I found myself thinking a lot about my mother leading up to this day rather than the fact that I was having my first Mother's Day. I have a new appreciation for what it means to be a mother and therefore a new appreciation about what my mom went through to be my mother. A single mother. 

She was strong, brave, tender, kind, fun, loving, disciplined, motivated, nurturing, creative, funny, kissed my never-ending "boo-boos", took me to dance classes then learned the dances and helped me practice, moved more times than I can remember, scared little boys that would push me down, stayed up all night to finish sewing my dresses, stayed up all night studying so that she could get a career to support us, fixed my dropped arches, taught me how to do my hair and make up, and taught me manners. I'm not even mentioning all the things she did for me when I was a baby. And she did it alone. 

I couldn't have done it. 

Now that I have my sweet baby Dane I am so grateful for the opportunity to be his mother and hopefully I can be a good mama to him, help him to grow and learn and love, and help him to come to know his Heavenly Father and become a righteous priesthood holder like his daddy. After waiting so long to get to hold him in my arms I know that I would have the wait all over again if it means having the joy of being his mother. 

I hope you had a great Mother's Day!

Here are some pictures of our day...

Aaron and Lars made us a delicious breakfast.

Two moms and their boys

Me and my boy (my very drooly boy)
Dane had just spit up and Roan is trying to join him:)
Dane at the Christensen family dinner laughing hysterically at his cousins.

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