Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Dane 1 month - 12 months

Watch me grow!

 One month

            Two months 

Three months   

Four months


Five months


Six months



Seven months



Eight months


Nine months


Ten months



Eleven months



Twelve months


What an exciting year of growth! 

Dane is 12 months!


Dane woke up extra early today giggling in his bed as if to say "Wake up everyone, it's my birthday!". I got him out of bed and he showered me with snuggles and kisses...and then smacked my face;-) Such a little boy. As soon as he saw Dada getting ready for work he pointed at him and started saying "oh, oh, oh, wow!". Dada got a kiss and then it was off to bath time, breakfast, poopy diaper, 12 month pictures, and a nap.

As I get a few minutes of quiet time I'm thinking back to a year ago today. Getting to the hospital, laboring, and then welcoming our little boy to this world. It was an amazing experience. I remember feeling so full of love and wonder for this little baby that was ours.

There isn't a day that goes by that Aaron and I don't say "he is so wonderful". We are so grateful and humbled for the opportunity to be Dane's parents. We are trying so hard to be the parents that he deserves. To show and teach him of his Heavenly Father's love.

Happy birthday munch face!

Dane's stats:
Height- 31 1/2 inches long 97%
Weight- 24 lbs 4oz 75%

 Dane is such a good sleeper. Sleeping all night and when I put him down for a nap he will fall right asleep. I can probably thank Aaron for that:-)

He is walking and just today started standing up to walk without holding on to something. I think he learned that from his friend Roan.

He says: Mama, Dada, num-num (food), Uh-oh, Oh wow!, What?, This, and some times "whats this", and "at"-his word for dog.

He will clap his hands when you sing "If you're happy and you know it"

Plays "Peek-a-boo".

He can find your nose when you ask him to.

He got all of his bottom molars and his top left molars this month. Poor kid.

He touched snow for the first time and then cried (he is definitely our son)

Loves, loves, loves bath time.

Hates getting dressed and undressed.

Still loves playing ball and now likes playing with cars.

Has started to hand us things instead of chucking them at us:-).

Likes to share his food and feed it to me.

Is getting really silly.

ADORES his dada. Oh my! Dane's face lights up when ever Aaron enters the room. When Aaron gets him out of the car he giggles and belly laughs. Pure joy:)

Dane was reunited with his best friend for their 12 month pictures! These boys didn't skip a beat. They played just like old times and even got frustrated with each other a couple times!  Taking a picture of both of them together has gotten much harder:)

He also can't get enough of his Grampa Christensen. He is the only other person besides Aaron that can get a true belly laugh out of him. He loves his Nana too, but it's all about Grampa right now.


PS- The day before his 1st birthday he fell and hit his eye really bad. He woke up with a nice big swollen shiner. The day before Aaron's 1st birthday he burned his had and had to celebrate in a cast. Like father like son:-)

Monday, January 21, 2013

25 weeks baby #2

The other day Aaron looked at me and said something along the lines of "Holy cow! You are almost done with your second trimester! What is going on!?"

Baby#2 vs #1

That is pretty much sums up how I feel. I can't believe I am already 25 weeks along! I think the holiday season really helped me forget about time. I almost feel guilty sometimes when I think something like "oh ya, I'm pregnant". I feel like with Dane I was always thinking about him and being pregnant and now not so much. Overall though I am sooo excited to meet this little guy and I can't wait to see what he looks like. I think Aaron and I are both going to enjoy/appreciate the newborn phase more this time.

Anyway, things are going great with this little boy. He is very active and I love feeling him kick and wiggle. Today at my doctor appointment he kept kicking Dr. C while he was trying to hear the heart beat. It was funny. Feisty little guy.

I've gained a total of 11 pounds so far. Not bad. I honestly can't remember how much I gained last time at this point.  My hips have started hurting again when I sleep at night so I'm back to sleeping in a pillow fortress. I'm also having really bad sciatica pain now. It hurts all the time and then every once in a while I will get a stronger pain that stops me in my tracks.

I seem to be carrying about the same as last time. I already got the "are you sure you aren't having twins" comment. What would a pregnancy be without that comment I guess:-/

Oh, the heartburn :(

I have a serious sweet tooth this time. And a really bad craving for soda. Cherry coke to be exact. I also can't stop thinking about Sushi.

I'm starting to think about getting things ready for baby Michael. But really I think that it will wait till after Dane's birthday. I don't think I have too much to do.

Working out? Not so much. Does going up and down my stairs count?

I'm looking for a good double stroller. I already have a big side by side so I'm looking for an umbrella type one. (does that make sense?). I want one that I can keep in my car for quick trips. Light, easy, good sun shade. Any suggestions?

Things I'm enjoying right now:

Reading this book (seriously, if you are a mom get this book)
Trips alone in the car blasting this CD (it makes me feel young and carefree)
Changing into these at night and watching a movie with my sweetie (you may laugh but they are the most comfortable thing to wear when you are prego)
My new backpack diaperbag
Eating a giant bag of these. I eat them in groups of 3 and they have to be the same color and I don't like the green ones.

PS- I'm celebrating 25 weeks by staying home with a cold. Yuck.

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