Sunday, June 17, 2012

To my love on Father's Day.


To the man who patiently reassured me for 5 years that we WOULD have a child
To the man who laid in bed with me and watched movies while I was on bed rest
To the man who eliminated any odor in our home
To the man who would run in and ask if I was okay while I puked up my last meal
To the man who took me to get cheeseburgers and pizza for a month straight because that was all I could eat
To the man who didn't complain when I had to build a pillow fortress to be able to sleep
To the man who endured freezing cold conditions when I had hot flashes
To the man who told me I was sexy (even though I couldn't see my feet)
To the man who learned to walk extra slow for his waddling wife
To the man who never commented on how much I was eating
To the man who came to every prenatal doctor appointment
To the man who didn't get grossed out when I started lactating
To the man who helped me time contractions
To the man who rubbed my back during contractions
To the man who held me while I got an epidural and told me it would be okay (and didn't pass out)
To the man who jumped at the opportunity to cut the cord
To the man who wanted to change the first poopy diaper
To the man who reasurred me that I was "doing it right"(what ever "it" happened to be)
To my darling husband
To my son's father

Happy Father's Day.

 Being a father came naturally to you, and I love you for loving us so much.



This is the tutorial I used to make Dane and Aaron matching ties.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Dane is 4 months!

Time is flying! This is so much fun. I love being a mom and watching this little boy grow and develop. His little personality is really starting to shine through. He is funny and feisty and so sweet. He is also very social. He loves being out and about and meeting new people. He is also a little chatter box and loves to "sing". We are having so much fun being this little guy's parents and feel so blessed to have him in our family.

His 4-month stats:

 16lbs 5 oz 62%
     27.25 inches long 97.6%
     He is in 6-9 month clothes
Blue eyes
Hair is mostly blonde now except for the back of his head

Dane and Roan at 4 months. Still about the same size!

Kickin' his feet.

Feeding is going great. He has learned that playing during eating time isn't a good idea. I can tell he is really close to being ready for me to start giving him food. He smacks his lips and grabs for my food when I'm eating. Why do they make you wait till 6 months?

Dane chewing on his fingers. This is happening all the time now.

Sleeping hasn't changed very much. He is still waking up at 10, 1:30, 4, & 6.  He'll eat and go right back to sleep. I have started to just put his binky in his mouth for his 4am feeding and sometimes he will just fall back to sleep without needing to eat.  He is a great napper throughout the day. He takes a nap from 8-9, 11-12:30. 2-3:30, 6-7, and goes to bed at 8:30

Dane trying to eat the 4 month sticker.

Dane's little personality is really shining through now. He is very spunky and funny. I love that he kicks his legs really fast the same way he did in the womb.

This is his excited face.

Tummy time has regressed. He now acts like he has no idea what he is supposed to do on his tummy. Funny boy. He will still roll from his tummy to his back when in tummy time and will now hold himself up on straight arms.
Tummy time with Roan.

I think he doesn't like tummy time as much now because he would much rather be sitting up. He is getting really good at sitting by himself.
He will now hold himself up with straight arms, push-up style -- such a strong boy.

The highlight of this month for Dane was all the concerts that he went to. His first concert was the OCMCO concert. Our good friend Karen was performing with the group this season (we took a season off due to Dane being born) and we went to see the concert. We were really nervous to bring him b/c we weren't sure how he would take it and Aaron didn't want him to bother everyone else. We went with Grampa, Aunt Janice, Aunt Bonnie, Daddy and Mommy. Dane was in heaven! He absolutely loved the concert. His favorite song was when the children's choir sang Lonely Goat Herd from The Sound of Music. He was laughing, smiling, and bobbing his head to the beat. I was amazed.
My little blondie.

We had our first date night where we got a babysitter for Dane! Our awesome friend, Karen (mentioned above), watched Dane while we went to a shooting range. We did really crying. Oh, Dane did well too:-) Maybe next time we can be gone for longer than 1.5 hours.
Mama and Dane at the duck park

He likes:

-Chewing on his fingers. I really think he is teething
-Playing with his friend, Roan.
-Buzzing lip sounds
-Going to concerts
-Going on the swing at the park

Sometimes we match for church. Poor kid ;-)

He dislikes:
-Being too tired

Some funny things he is doing:
-Baby talk & vocalizing. He is quite the loud little boy. My mom said it is revenge ;-)
-He kicks his feet when he is really excited and mad
-He now pulls on his clothes, bibs, pacifier. Pretty much anything on him he tries to pull off.

 Dane "playing" with Roan. 

-First kiss given by Shye Fay
-First concert OCMCO
-First vocal jazz concert at LBCC
-First time sitting in a swing at the park by himself
-First time feeding ducks

Dane's first kiss caught on film. With Shye Faye.

Comments from other people:

-He is so big
-His eyes are so bright blue. This is still by far the most popular comment about him.
-He is very handsome.
-He looks just like his daddy.
-He has really strong legs.
-He has a strong set of pipes (translation: he is really loud).

As far as my recovery:

-Woohoo! I'm back in the 130's! I have 8.5 lbs to go.
- I'm having scary dreams all the time now where I am trying to save Dane's life. I wake up scared.
-I'm not as tired as last month.
-My back is still killing me.
-I started watching Roan during the day and am having so much fun with these two cuties.

All about Daddy:

-Seems more secure and confident with Dane
-Has a special bond with this boy. They tell secrets and smile all the time. So cute!

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