Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Christmas through New years

Yes. This post is late.

Christmas time for us this year was different. We normally do all of our celebrating with the Christensens. This year it was all about the Temples! We were so excited that my family was coming to stay with us from Dec. 20th-Jan. 4th. There was a little concern with having 5 adults in our home for that amount of time but they were such great house guests that we really enjoyed it.

So, thanks to my mom the planner we had everyday planned out with fun things to do. Here are pictures of what we did!

Manhattan Transfer at the Disney Concert Hall
(they are so fun live!)

(I got in trouble for taking these pictures in the theater...oops)

Next we went to the place of our first date 6 years ago. We go every year now:-) The lights there are magical.

Me, my Mom, my Sister
The whole group of us.

Then off to see the Long Beach Ballet's production of the Nutcracker in Santa Monica. It is really such a good performance and I would highly recommend it. (and I have to say that I really liked the Santa Monica theater better then the Long Beach one)

We got family pictures taken by Sarah Hull

Next on the agenda was Christmas Eve diner with Aunt Bonnie and the Chistensens....

and then a Gondola ride through Naples.

thank goodness we had a cute Gondola guy because my sister was NOT into sitting between the two couple:)

Have you done the Gondola ride through Naples? It is so worth it. The motor boats are fun but it was so peaceful to be rowed around Naples.

Christmas was spent opening gifts (our two main gifts to each other pictures below. The other gift was food storage)

and playing with these three cuties:-)
The day after Christmas we went to my Uncles house for dinner and Aaron got to "play" with some of my Uncles "toys"

this one has a laser on it. It was scary.

And then a quick trip to Lake Arrowhead to see some snow on New Years Eve Day.

We actually did a lot of other things (like Medieval Times for New Years Eve)and then couldn't do a lot of things because of the weather(Disney). We had so much fun with them and it was really hard to see them leave.

I hope you had a great Christmas and New Years!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Project 52

Where did last year go? Seriously. It came and went so fast. Well, with the new year it is time to make some goals. Last year I only had one (I know, not really shooting for the stars), Food storage. I'm proud to report that I made really good strides with it. I don't have 1 year for each of us but at least 6mo for each of us and possible a little more than that(considering I had nothing in the beginning of the year I would say that is pretty good).

This year I will be striving for a little bit more. 51 more goals than this year to be exact. My good friend Karen from A Peek at Karen's World, has started project 52. The goal is to set 52 goals. One for each week of the year (not that you have to do one per week just finish all 52 by the end of the year). She does a really good job of describing it so go on over to her blog and click on the tab at the top called Project 52. Then after you do that join in!

So with out further adieu, here are my goals.

1. Laundry every other Wednesday
2. Ironing every Thursday
3. Start and attend a spanish class taught by my husband (by February)
4. Volunteer in the community once per quarter of the year
5. Learn to play one of the nursery songs on the piano each month till all are learned
6. Increase my workout schedule from 3 times per week to 4.
7. Take a bike ride with my husband at least 3x per week.
8. Learn how to shoot a gun
9. Go rock climbing
10. Go on 2 hikes
11. Plan 2 girls night out with Sister-in-Laws
12. Learn 1 new duet with my husband
13. Start and finish my CAM
14. Attend my brothers wedding
15. Make a special gift for our 5 year anniversary
16. Complete all visiting teaching every month
17. Make and post on blog 52 goals
18. Invite 2 new couples in the ward for dinner
19. Vacuum on Fridays
20. Go to the Temple 12 times
21. Bear my testimony in Sacrament meeting
22. Give a fast offering every month
23. Run a 5k (this will probably be on a treadmill)
24. Return music to Long Beach Stake
25. Make 5 homemade gifts and give them for birthdays
26. Get a hair cut
27. Take a diner to 3 people in need
28. Take a bubble bath 1 time per month
29. Take a Zumba class
30. Write in my journal 52 times
31. Send out Christmas news letter
32. Go to the Dentist
33. Go paddle boarding
34. Go to Palm Springs
35. Go to Disney and stay the whole day
36. Say morning prayers
37. Learn all the words to this year's primary song
38. Hand out 5 pass-along cards
39. Build up savings
40. Be gluten free for entire year
41. Take vitamins everyday
42. Drink 4 glasses of water every day
43. Add three months (each) of food storage
44. Fill water storage
45. Throw one baby shower
46. Clean off my chair in my bedroom 1x per week
47. Have a conversation with someone in Spanish
48. Take 6 dance classes
49. Read each book club book.
50. Sing in church (solo)
51. Make a skirt and wear it to church
52. Purchase a gun

That was kind of hard but I'm glad they are down. Now, I'm posting these so that I have some accountability. We are supposed to do an update post once per week to share how I am doing on my goals. I will try, but it will most likely be once per month.

If you have set some goals, I wish you luck!

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