Wednesday, October 17, 2012

10 Weeks baby #2

I'm actually 13 weeks now but for the sake of my belly pictures I'm labeling this 10 weeks.  Time is flying with this pregnancy. I feel like when I was pregnant with Dane it took FOREVER to get to my second trimester and with this one I just realized that my second trimester is already here! I kind of feel like I keep forgetting that I'm pregnant. Well, except for the feeling like a zombie part.

This pregnancy is feeling really different. With Dane I would vomit at least once a day. This time I have only vomited twice! However, I feel nauseated 24/7 with no relief. I started feeling that way at about 5 1/2 weeks pregnant. Which is a little earlier than with Dane. It isn't bad enough for me to want to take something for it but it is bad enough to make me feel miserable.  Also, I am still nursing Dane so my exhaustion is out of control. But other than being super tired and nauseated all the time I feel okay ;-)

One obvious difference with this pregnancy is that I started showing much earlier and much bigger. As you will see in my ten week picture. I have lost a few pounds so far. Probably because I just can't keep up with the amount of calories needed to be pregnant, nurse, and survive. The nausea doesn't help.

I wasn't this big last time till about 18 weeks. 

Dane wanted in on the picture taking

We got to see our baby at my 13 week appointment to verify my due date. There was a typo in my chart saying I was actually due in March not April. I knew it was wrong but wanted to see the baby so we did an ultrasound. It was amazing! The baby was wiggling around and we got to see a profile, toes & fingers. They did a gender check and said it looked like a boy but at this age it is pretty much impossible to really know. We would be happy with either a girl or a boy:-)


At 10 weeks:

-I have popped out.
-I feel super tired
-I feel like vomiting all the time but don't
-Have only actually vomited 2 times
-Heard and saw the heard beat
-Am soooo excited to be having another little one!

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