Friday, August 27, 2010

Summer, Summer, Summer Time!

It is FINALLY hot here in Southern California! It has been a cold summer but as soon as I heard It was going to be 99 degrees out I made a few phone calls to a couple cute girls and headed to...

the beach!
It was a very successful trip to the beach. It always seems like whenever I go to the beach it is not quite warm enough for me to be in just my bathing suit. It was that day! I am so lucky to be able to live in such a beautiful place.

What has Aaron been doing?

And softball but I guess I have been slacking on taking softball pictures this season.

How was your summer?

Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Invisible Man and Married Women

August book club! We added a new girl (Melissa) to our book club this month and Cece hosted the party. The book for the month was The Invisible Man. We had a yummy grilled dinner and chatted late into the night.

(yes I did spell Invisible wrong in the picture but It was to hard to change it)

Trying to figure out how to turn the timer on CeCe's fancy camera.

Last Friday two of my favorite people married each other, Emily and Brigham. It was such a beautiful romantic day.

(to see more pictures by a talented photographer go here)

I was lucky to be a brides maid (5th time being a brides maid) for Emily and had so much fun on that day. I actually teared up at this wedding. I think it was my first time. It was during their first dance and I think I was just so happy to see these two people so happy and in love. They both really deserve it. Then I got to dance with the cute MC, a.k.a. AC, that they had. It was romantic under the hundreds of white lights and stars and he twirled me (I love twirling:). It was a perfect night.

Cutest thing of the decorations... the Jones soda and Welchs juice that was served. How cute is that! ( I should mention that their last names are Jones and Welch)

Do you cry at weddings? How many times have you been in the wedding party?

(why are the children always out of control at weddings? Seriously!)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I Love to See the Temple

When we were dating, Aaron used to take me to the Newport Beach Temple grounds on dates. At that time they were just building and finishing up the Temple. We used to just sit on the wall outside the grounds and talk for hours (and watch the bunnies. There were always a lot of bunnies). It really was romantic. I was so excited when I got to go through this Temple to take out my endowments with my sweetheart and then get sealed in the LA Temple. The Newport Beach Temple will always feel like my "home" Temple .

I am so grateful that we have a Temple so close to home. I remember being a kid and having to drive for hours and cross the boarder to get to the closest Temple in Ontario Canada. Now it is just a short drive down the 5. Temples have brought so much happiness into our family's life:-)

It just so happens that this month's visiting teaching message is on this wonderful topic.

FHE last night: The grounds were closed for cleaning so we sat on that same wall and watched the bunnies and snuggled:-)

"For the temple is a holy place
Where we are sealed together.
As a child of God,
I've learned this truth;
A fam'ly is forever."

What is the Temple you will always feel like your "home" Temple?

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