Monday, July 16, 2012

Dane is 5 months!

5 months! One month away from half a year. Crazy.  With every month that passes I love this little boy more and more. It is the most incredible thing I've ever experienced. He sure is growing and developing. His little personality is so cute, funny, and sweet. This past month brought some fun new things.

Here are his 5 month stats:


17lbs 1 oz 63%
     27.25 inches long 90.6%
     He is in 9-12 month clothes
Size 3 diapers

We started solids this month! I had every intention to wait 6 full months before starting him with solid food but this little guy was ready and there was no denying it. He tried rice cereal one week before turning 5 months old and devoured it. He can't get enough. I had a little anxiety about starting food. I think it is because there is no going back and let's face it, nursing is so convenient. He had it once a day for about a week and then we moved to two times a day.

Sleeping....everyone told me once he started solids he would sleep all night. Lies.

However, I have started just putting a binky in his mouth at the 2am feeding and he has started just going back to sleep and even once skipped it all together.

Dane still loves to kick his feet. He also likes to chuckle and blow through his lips. He loves watching older children. He also seems to be a sensitive little guy. One night at our Relief Society enrichment activity Dane was playing on a blanket with his friend Roan. A slightly older baby (around 9mo I think) came over and patted Roan on the head. Not hard but I think it startled Roan and he put his head down and started crying. Next thing I know Dane puts his head down and starts crying too and the older boy wasn't even near Dane! Poor little guy didn't like his friend being sad.

Dane and Roan learning to share.
 Dane is back on track with tummy time and doing really well at sitting up. He now will sit in a high chair at a restaurant and will sit in a shopping cart. I love it. It really makes life easier to just put him a high chair. He seems to like it too.

Dane met his Aunt Laura for the first time. They are best friends :)

We have two teeth! Yup, and I'll give you one guess where I felt them first. Needless to say I screamed and then he cried. He got his two front bottom teeth in about a week after he turned 4 months. I could tell that he was acting a little different but I wasn't sure what was going on. I thought it was way to early for him to be getting teeth in but he proved me wrong. He was extra clingy, kept trying to bite my shoulder, drooly, and cried when he was trying to fall asleep. I'm going to miss his toothless grin but I'm in love with his two tooth smile. The biting...not so much.

Visiting Daddy at basketball

Dane went to his first ever Dodger game this month! He loved all the sites and sounds of the game. We went to see a game with Grampa and Nana. He loved looking at all of the lights and had no problem with all the cheering. I was nervous that he would cry when people started cheering/screaming but he had no problem with it. Thank goodness because we would have had a long night if that was the case. It ended up being a long game and Dane fell asleep in the 8th inning till we got home and then...slept all night! So, the Dodgers lost but I won ;-)


Dane looks so cute in Dodger blue.

Dane is doing great with church on Sundays. He usually sleeps through most of sacrament meeting, wakes up to eat during Sunday school and then is all giggles, smiles, and silliness for daddy in elders quorum. I usually get comments from the men saying how cute Dane is and that he giggled all through the meeting.

First time at Putt Putt Golf

Dane has really started paying attention to our dog Luke. He will see him and reach for him when he walks by. When I let Luke lick his feet he giggles. Dane is vary gentle with Luke and just strokes his hair (he doesn't pull). I'm sure that will change but I'm excited to see these two start to play together. Luke has started bringing his toys to Dane and dropping them on him as if to say "let's play!".

Dane and Roan playing at the playground.

He likes:

-Rice ceareal
-Playing with his friend, Roan.
-Daddy b-boxing
-Standing up
-Shopping and sitting in the cart

He dislikes:
-Being too tired
-When his friend is sad

Some funny things he is doing:
-Chuckling. Either because something is funny to him or sometimes I think he is just trying to get some attention. We lovingly call him Chuckles now.

-First teeth (bottom front)
-First Dodger game
-First solid food- brown rice cereal
-First time sitting in a shopping cart
-First time sitting in a high chair
-First time at putt putt golf
-First time meeting his Aunt Laura

-First time in the pool- He absolutely loved it!I had no doubt that he would like it considering how much he likes bath time. And our pool is about the same temperature as a bath:-)

As far as my recovery:

- 5.5 more lbs to go!
- I am more happy then ever having this little boy and my husband in my life. I feel extremely blessed.
-I'm starting to be more careful with what I'm eating and trying to eat more healthy.
-The lower left side of my back hurts but feels better if I twist my hips.
-I'm still watching Roan during the week
-I'm starting to see the changes that breast feeding causes :(

 All about Daddy:

-Has figured out that he can sooth Dane by b-boxing to him. It is hilarious:-)
-Has felt better about watching Dane on his own.
-Had his first Fathers day! They wore matching ties to church and were the cutest ever.

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