Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Mikey is 18 months!

(Looks like I need to hand the camera over to daddy more often so I can be in some pictures with you)
(Pictures are from our trip to Point Lobos,Halloween, and the Monarch Butterfly sanctuary in Pacific Grove)

My dear little monkey, you are 18 months old! The last 3 months have brought with them so much growth and development that I find my self having moments where I just stop and watch you in awe. With no younger siblings (yet....hopefully) you remain in my head a baby. My little baby Mikey. So when I say that you are currently wearing a size 7 shoe and are just a tad over 35 inches tall  and weigh 25lbs it just doesn't compute.

In the last 3 months your vocabulary has exploded. You are forming short sentences and will try to repeat any word that we ask you to. Watching you have you have your own thoughts and feeling and being able to express them is so much fun for your family. You have several words that you have made up in your own language that we just love. Honestly, we don't want you to start saying the words right, but alas, you have already started to. Some of our favorites are...

"Shu-Shu"- That means airplane.
"Na-na"- Much to your Nana's dismay this means water. During Nana's last visit with us she spent countless minutes trying to convince you that she is actually Na-na and that water is Wa-wa. What did you do? You made up a different word for her name and kept calling water "Na-na". Hahaha! It was awesome.
"It'ss-a-weeewl"- Now this one is trickier. We don't actually know what you  mean but you say it with such conviction sometimes that we know you know exactly what you are talking about.

You have also started saying "Dane" which has been so fun! I would list the other words but honestly there are just too many. Just know that you are a very vocal 1 and a half year old. Whether you are talking or singing or are usually making noise. Unless you being sneaky and getting in trouble. Then you are perfectly silent.

You are so fast now. You run and jump like a champ. You love to play chase with your brother  and throw balls and paper airplanes with your daddy. You still fall a lot but it probably has to do with the rate at which you are growing and the size of your feet. I'm sure you'll get the hang of it soon.

You had your second Halloween. It was the first one where you were able to walk/run around to all the houses. It was so cute! You were a dragon this Halloween and you would start off running with the older kids to the next house but instead of stopping and turning to the house you would just keep on running and we would have to chase you down and and walk you back to the house. It was pouring down rain this year but you loved it! You were much more interested in playing in the puddles and rain gutters then getting candy.

You are turning into a little clown and love entertaining us at the dinner table. You make silly faces and goofy sounds. You love the game "no, no, NO...Ughhhh!) Where we pretend to tell you not to eat the food but then you do and we all say UGH! You will even do it to your self when you are eating alone. So funny! Speaking of eating, you are a great eater and will on most occasions out eat the rest of us. One thing I find interesting is that you will go through phases where you will only want to eat meat and fruit for a few days and then you will only want to eat carbs and veggies for a few days. Never do you seem to want to eat it all at the same time.

You love to be held and snuggled. If I want you to come to me all I have to do is ask for a kiss and you will come running.

You sleep through the night now about 85% of the time and I am so grateful for the nights that you sleep soundly.

You are in nursery now at church! This was so exciting for so many reasons. To be honest with you the last 3 months have been kind of terrible at church. We get through sacrament meeting okay but when it is time for Dane to go to nursery you would run in there and start playing too. Then you would through a huge fit when I would have to take you out. After that you just would not have anything to do with sitting in a class so we would spend the remainder of the time roaming the halls. One time I was attempting to go to Relief Society and was handing out invitations to a baby shower. I had turned my head for about 2 minutes and when I looked back where I left you, you were gone. You had managed to escape the room! You were no where to be found in the building or outside. We had pretty much the whole ward looking for you. Your daddy was running circles around the outside of the building to make sure you hadn't escaped the building and wondered into the street. About 10 terrible minutes later we found you happily walking the isles in the chapel during another ward's sacrament meeting. Which by the way, was the first place I looked but you must have been hiding...or on the stand. That afternoon I started researching tracking devices for children.

Your personality is so fun and loving. Your silliness and happiness is contagious. You are our love. Our Monkey. Our Joy. Our baby. Our trouble maker. Our stubborn but oh so sensitive little boy (this makes discipline tricky).

We love you and cherish you little Mikey! Happy 18 months!

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