Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Dane is 2!

 Happy second birthday sweet Dane! I can't believe you are already 2. Time is speeding up and you are growing up so fast.

Your birthday day started off just like any other day when you and Mikey woke up at about 7:30am. I heard you giggling and talking to each other in your cribs. You wanted your milk right away and then Yaya came in to play with you. We each gave you lots of birthday kisses and hugs. We got you dressed in your new Star Wars t-shirt and went down for breakfast. It was your usual of mashed bananas and "p-burrer" peanut butter with rice cereal. You gobbled it up and had some "resees" raisins then we started getting ready to go on our adventure day.

On the drive up to LA Mikey fell asleep with his hand on your car seat (like always) and Dane, you held his hand all the way up. It melted my heart.

Daddy was working at USC so we drove up and visited him at work. We then went for lunch and got your favorite...beans and rice. Then it was off to Toys R Us for you birthday surprise, hat, and balloon. You choose some matchbox cars for your surprise and hated wearing the hat.


We dropped Daddy back off at work and went to get your favorite, "sip sip". Which is what you call a smoothie. We went to Jamba Juice and you were in heaven. You fell asleep in the car shortly after that and then we visited our friend Rachel Jones who has the same birthday as you.

While with Rachel and Yaya we went to a vintage store in Westwood where you decided to climb into a glass display cabinet. It took you under 2 minutes to enter the store, run away from us, and climb somewhere where we couldn't reach you. Impressive!  The store manager started freaking out telling me that I "had to get you out of there RIGHT NOW!" I could tell she was scaring you and you just froze. Eventually you got out...and climbed behind the cabinet into a small corner even harder to reach. It took us having to lift and move the cabinet to get to you. Come to find out you were just trying to find a quite spot alone to poop. It took everything I had not to giggle about it in front of the store manager since I could tell she wasn't exactly happy about it. But don't worry, I let the manager have it for being so scarey and not nice.

You also had your first crepe filled with Nutela and bananas and you loved it!

Your stats:

36 inches tall 93%
29lbs 2oz  65%
19.25 inches head circumference 50%
2t-3t clothes
size 5 diapers 6 at night

 We had 2 parties for you little Daneee. One was with some friends at a park on Saturday the 18th and the other was with the family on Sunday the 19th.

The party at the park was Pirate themed. Mostly because it was a pirate ship park so it made it easy to have a theme. All your cute friends came and they got to dress up like pirates and run around and play.

You can't get much cuter than a bunch of toddler pirates running around. Here is your friend Nova.

We had toddler friendly snacks and drinks.

Instead of a cake we did ice cream cone cupcakes and you loved them. You didn't actually eat the cake but you did lick off the frosting. We were so excited that you blew out your candle!


You got lots of fun gifts and really had a great time.

 At the family party you played with your cousins and uncles and had a ball. You really love your family and they sure love you! The party was at your Aunt Jodee's house and we had tacos and beans and an ice cream bar. Since ice cream gives you a rash you didn't have any but honestly you were so busy playing with the basket ball you didn't even notice.

Your cousins. You came home from the party know the words to Frozen's "Let it Go".

Grampa and Dane. You love your Grampa soooo much and talk about him all the time.
You got a really cool firetruck from Uncle Darrel and Aunt Kristy.
Dane, the rate at which you are learning and developing astounds us. You have several songs memorized, you can quote Alma 37:35, you know your colors, can count to 12, know your ABCs, know directions like forward/ backward and on top/under, you say please and thank you, you say excuse me when walking by and sorry if you knock into me. It seems like you only need to see or hear something a couple times and you memorize it. You get that from your daddy who is amazing at memorizing things. Someday you two will be able to sit and quote movies for hours together :-)

You can say a full prayer by your self now and we love hearing them. You like the part where you get to thank Heavenly Father for things. Some things that you are thankful for right now: Daddy, Mikey, Peanut Butter, Grampa, spoons, shirts, lukie, Yaya, floor, poopie, Temple, boys at church (YM). I just have to think that Heavenly Father hears your prayers and just smiles. He loves to hear from you and wants to hear everything you have to say. Keep it up!

Something that is even more amazing to us is your sweet nature. You are kind. You are gentle. You love babies (especially yours). You love your brother to pieces and have started helping me with him. You are sensitive but yet strong willed. You are very good at focusing on a task when you are playing and will always want to "put it back" when you are done. You are very giving when it comes to sharing. You will give Mikey a toy to play with when he starts to get sad.

You can come off as a pretty serious and intense little boy to people that don't know you or when you are somewhere new. But the truth is you are supper silly and funny. You will dance around when you are happy and say silly things. You have started making up words and having me repeat them and then you crack up at how I say them.

You learned the "Let's go Dodgers" chant and now change it to "Let's go Mikey, Let's go car, Let's go Mama". Pretty much anything that you can think of you cheer for it.

You are really into transportation right now. You love cars and trucks, buses, trains, airplanes, and skateboards. Pretty much anything that moves. You got a race track for Christmas and you have a bunch of cars that you use one it. You know the name of each one like the "Gam-ber-bini" (Lamborghini), "Anton Marton" (Aston Martin), Ford Falcon, Race car, fast car, white truck, and police car.  Driving in the car with you is always exciting because we yell out different kinds of cars.

You are getting your 2 yr old molars right now and I can tell they are really bothering you. I think that it is effecting what you like to eat right now. Your favorites are smoothies (fruit&veggie&protein) and beans and rice. You also like to change favorites frequently. For example one month you will love beans and hate rice and then the next month you will love rice and hate beans. You are keeping us on our toes!

I am so excited for your Terrific 2's to be here! You are teaching me so much as a parent and I am so grateful to be your Mama.

 A huge thanks to my sweet friend Rachel Thurston for snapping some pictures at Dane's pirate party!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

"I'll still be one year old tonight..."

“When i have said my evening prayer,
and my clothes are folded on my chair,
mama and daddy switch off the light,
I'll still be one year old tonight.
But from the very break of day,
before the children rise and play,
before the darkness turns to gold,
tomorrow I'll be two years old…
two kisses when i wake,
two candles on my cake.
A goodnight kiss for the one year old
to send him to sleep and to dreaming.
And blessings to the two year old
who'll climb out of bed in the morning.”

 Our sweet baby Dane, tomorrow you turn two. You have changed our lives. You have made us parents. We love you more than words can say little munch, and are so excited for the adventures ahead!

Mama and Daddy

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Michael is 8 months!

We had your 8 month check up today little Michael and you were wonderful. No fussing when Dr. Lee and the nurse were checking you out. You just laid there with wide eyes looking at them and then to me for reassurance and then back at them with a little smile.

 At your 8 month check up with Dane getting his 2 yr check up.
Here are your stats:

30 1/2 inches tall %=off the charts 
16 lbs 14 oz 50%
17.25 inches head circumference 25%
You are wearing 12 month clothes (with the pants cinched in) 
Size 3 diapers and 4 at night
2 teeth- bottom front

Our little bean pole!

You are a really fast crawler now and have started standing on your own. Yup, that's right! The first time I saw it was at our stake's Christmas program. After the program everyone went into the cultural hall for cookies and hot chocolate and all the kids (including your brother) were running around. I decided to put you down to crawl and explore for a while. I started chatting with some friends and look over to see you in the middle of the cultural hall by your self standing! Both feet were planted on the floor and your arms were out. There was nothing around for you to pull up on so you just figured it out on your own. I started freaking out and scared you and you fell down. You got me so excited....and a little nervous. I think you wanted to run with the other kids.

 Checking out the lights at the LA Temple

You are sleeping about the same. You wake up 2 times throughout the night and wake at 7 for the day. You sleep with your new Mimi blankie, your binkie, and your stuffed monkey. It's the sleep trifecta. We can put you in your crib with those things and you will silently fall asleep.

 Snuggling with your Mimi blankie made by my mom.

Sometimes you like to jump in bed with your brother.

You are still nursing 5 times a day and have solids 3 times a day. You are not ready for anything to chew yet. For example: if I make your rice cereal too thick you start to gag on it. Once while at a restaurant with me and your Aunt Yaya I gave you a tiny piece of squished banana and you gagged so much that you threw up all your previously eaten food. Which was green beans. Lovely. So we are sticking with runny purees for now.  When you are done eating you will put your hands above your head and make a scrunch face. If I still try to feed you after that you will try to hit the spoon away.

Mama and her boys. No doubt about it, you have my eyes and your daddy's nose and mouth.

You now say two words: Mama and Dada , along with a lot of baby babble. We think you actually know who Mama is and who Dada is and will say our names while looking at us. So fun! You also know your name and will respond to it. Probably because Dane and I are singing your name to you all day long. "Mikey, Mikey, Mikey!"

 Visiting your Aunt Yaya at her work, The Queen Mary.

You have been sick a few times this month. It makes me so sad to see you so sad. All you want to do is be held by me. You are my little snuggle bug and I love it. You will crawl around after me and when I pick you up your arms and legs cling to me for dear life.The only medicine you have had so far is fever reducer...no antibiotics needed.

Sick = snuggles

Speaking about crawling around after me, I joke with daddy that you are like my new puppy. You are crawling around after me all day! If I'm in the living room so are you. If I'm in the kitchen doing dishes, so are you. You will also crawl around after your brother and try to play with whatever he is playing with. Lately it is his new race track. Dane makes them go and you make them crash. It's great fun.

 Helping mama with the dishes.

 Playing cars with Dada and Dane.

You had your first Christmas! It was soooo much fun. You had a ball playing with all of the wrapping paper. Your favorite thing was a tiny bow you found to play with. Your gifts were some bath toys, your stuffed monkey, and some noise makers. It was spent with Mama, Dada, Dane, and Yaya. It was perfect.
Your first visit to see Santa happened at Disneyland and you had no problem sitting on his knee and smiling for a picture.

 Visiting Santa at Disneyland with Samantha Smoot.

Dane's new dump truck carrying its cutest load. 
Your first Christmas jammies.
Christmas morning!

We are so in love with you Michael. You are like a bright happy light in our family. You are constantly getting loved on by someone in our family and most of the time it is from Dane. You two are best friends already and I can't wait to see that develop.

Photo credit: Jodee Christensen

So, till next month little monkey, we love you to pieces!

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