Thursday, October 24, 2013

A fundraiser party for a good cause...Lula Roe!

Hey Ladies!

I'm really excited to be hosting a Lula Roe party! My good friend Mary Mulroney just started selling these awesome clothes. If you have never heard of this brand of clothing they offer comfortable, stylish, & flattering clothes for women and girls. The items include maxi skirts (my favorite), pencil skirts, a-line skirts, dresses and new as of this week LEGGINGS! Once you try one on you will want to live in them! Seriously they might just become your go to items in your wardrobe. You should check out their website to see just how cute they are and like their facebook page while your at it:

My favorite part of this party is that I'm teaming up with Karen from A Peak at Karen's World for my upcoming skirt party to help raise funds for her upcoming trip to El Porvenir, Honduras during Christmas. She has signed up to volunteer with an awesome organization called the Honduras Child Alliance. To read more about this cause read this. Along with looking for help with the cost of airfare, she would love to take a suitcase full of items from their wishlist to hand out to the children. Proceeds from each skirt sale will go to this great cause and Lula Roe will be matching those proceeds! Let's help Karen get to Honduras and take things to help the children (mostly books and school supply).
The party will be at my place and will be open house style (so you can just run in and run out if you have to) on Saturday October 26th from 10:00am-12:30pm. Not only will you be able to see the clothes in person and try them on but I will have yummy snacks, door prizes, and a raffle for a movie night gift basket ($30+ value). With each item that you purchase you will get an entry into the raffle!

So come stop and bring a friend if you would like! You won't be disappointed!

Worried that you can't make it on that day or time? Just let me know and I'll find a way for you to check them out! Are you out of state? Don't worry! We can help you find something that you'll love too!

Help make this a success!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Michael is 5 months

Happy 5 months old Mikey! You are turning into one little wiggly bean pole. This past month has been fun because you are really starting to move around a lot and grab for things. Your daddy said "oh ya, I remember this phase. Its so hard to hold them!" And it's true. You are always trying to stand up or wiggle or reach for something so carrying you is a little bit tricky. However, sometimes, when you are getting sleepy, you will burrow your face into me and just want to snuggle.

   Here are your stats:
28'' long 95+%
15 lbs 11.5 oz  48%
head  16.5" 25%
Your length to weight right now is below the charts...hence the bean pole nickname you have gained.

Your hair is lighting up and coming in thicker now and your eyes are still dark. Your big bright eyes still make everyone smile especially your family. It's still hard to tell what color they will stay. You are long and thin and you are already wearing 9 month clothes. I feel like we skipped right over the 6 month clothes. Most people say you look exactly like me. I still see mostly you daddy but with maybe my eyes.

You now roll both directions easily and get around pretty well like that. You push up to strait arms while on your tummy and like to kick your feet. Soon you will be crawling little one, and I'm so excited for you.

You smile and laugh ALL THE TIME. It is adorable and your joy brightens up our home . You love to watch Dane run around and dance and you just laugh and laugh. I can tell you two are really starting to be friends now. He will run up to you and jump and you will laugh. This happens over and over again. Sometimes Dane will be a little too rough and he will make you cry but you don't cry long and accept his apology kisses.

Speaking of kisses, you are starting to lean in for them when we go to kiss you. This might be because you have all three of us wanting to kiss you all the time. You get A LOT of practice.

My love for you doubles and triples with each month that passes. I think about it durring our middle of the night feedings. When it is dark and quiet and everyone else is asleep but you and I my heart swells with love for you. You have such a sweet and fun spirit. I will miss these times when you are older and sleeping through the night.

You are a great nurser still and are ready to try real food. When we are eating together at the dinner table you always reach for our food and you look like you can't wait to be able to eat like us. However, we will wait till next month to get started with that.

As of this month you have started going to bed at the same times as your brother for nap time and bed time. You have stopped doing your 9pm crying time (thank goodness) and will go down quietly at about 7:30-8pm. When you sleep you want to be on your left side, with a Binky, and your face burrowed into a blanket. You want your first feeding at 11ish and then again at 3:30am and 5:30am. You usually end up in bed with me for the 5:30am feeding and you will stay there snuggling till it's time to wake up for the day. Sometimes I don't even remember bringing you to bed and just wake up with you there.  You ALWAYS wake up at 7:30 with gas. It's kind of funny.

You and your daddy are really starting to bond. When daddy is getting dressed in the morning you will lye in bed and watch him. Sometimes you will even reach out for him. Daddy loves to give you kisses and throw you up in the air. Just wait till you can run around with Daddy and Dane! Daddy has also started watching you and your brother on Thursday nights while I go to choir practice and you have been such a good boy for him. Thanks sweetie.

Okay little monkey, till next month! I love you!

My recovery:
As of right now I am 6lbs away from pre baby weight. I can fit into most of my pre-pregnancy clothes -even though they look completely different now. I'm in good spirits and starting to feel like my self again. Work and 2 kids can be overwhelming most some days (especially when we have a rough night) but I'm just trying to concentrate on my blessings and move forward. Note to self: It takes me 4 months to feel somewhat normal after child birth. Not any sooner so try to be gentle and patient with your self .

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