Sunday, March 18, 2012

Something we missed on the rainy day

Going to the park

I really love this cute boy:)

Matched in March

We had our second annual green party for our March book club and it was fantastic. We had a newcomer, visitor, a 48hr old baby, and tons of green! green food, green clothes, green decorations (fantastic job Shawna), a green book- Matched, and green silliness.

The whole group of us. Stacey brought her mom that was visiting, so fun:-) I'm sad that baby Max didn't make it in this picture. MVP goes to his mom Amber for making it to book club 48hrs after delivering him...all epidural.

Cute Rachel putting her sleeping powers on Dane.

Girlfriends Claire and Shye discuss fashion and their up coming birthdays.

Stacey rocking the green tinsel wig. Very sexy.

The book was a good quick read with a love triangle so most of the girls enjoyed it.

Speaking of book club and March...The Hunger Games movie is coming out this month! I'm so excited:-)

PS- How did I not take a picture of my cute baby Dane dressed in Green? Fail.

Five Guys...Bleh

The other night we were going back and forth for a while trying to decide what we should do for our date night (I say date but according to my dr. if the baby comes along it is a family our family outing night) since our original plans fell through. It had to be baby friendly- since I'm still not ready to get a baby sitter (when will I be ready for that? Any tips?), and cheap- since our budget is pretty tight these days.

We finally decided to try out Five Guys burgers. We had heard a lot of good things about it and wanted to compare it to In-N-Out.

This is what we think of Five Guys...

We ordered what we usually would at In-N-Out; 2 burgers, 2 fries, 2 drinks. The total came up to a little over $22! I wanted to tell them to forget it right then and there but we didn't. I asked for my burger to be lettuce wrapped (ya know, protein style) and I got a regular burger with a little pile of chopped up lettuce on the side. So I basically had a burger salad.

All in all we think that it is to pricy, burgers were greasy, and Aaron wasn't happy that they didn't have "spread" aka thousand island to dip his fries in .

We did think their fries were okay and I liked the variety of fountain drinks (including diet caffeine free coke) but again for the price it wasn't worth it. The peanuts would have been fun but neither one of us really like peanuts. We'll stick with In-N-Out thank you.

On a happier note a friend gave me a Moby wrap and I love it!

And so does my sweet baby Dane. How long will I be able to use it?

Happy St. Patrick's Day...Christensen style

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!

I know most families spend St. Patrick's day dressing in green, eating green food, making cute green crafts, etc.

This is how we spent St. Patty's day...

Dane has so much fun with his daddy.

Apparently there will be no green in our home (till we have a little girl ;-).

Thanks Pablo & Jessy for the cute Lakers onesie! I know how much it must have hurt to buy it:-)

Monday, March 5, 2012

Dane's baby blessing

What a wonderful weekend we had! In preparation for Dane's big day we hung out with our neighbors and made a ton of Aelbeskiver which is a Danish pancake.

(click on the images to enlarge)

I need to get one of those pans!

Then we had Dane's baby blessing on Sunday. For those of you that aren't a member of my church a baby blessing is when a new baby is born his/her father gives them a blessing and names the baby and the baby's name goes on the records of the church. Here are some pictures from Dane's big day.

The whole family

The boy of the hour

The men of the family

The men that were part of the blessing circle (minus our bishop)

Dane and his nana and grandpa

Our little family

Dane got blessed on the same day as his best friend Roan. Here are the two families.

After church we went to our place to have brunch and spend time together.

LinkA little later our good friends stopped by to eat and say hi.

It was a really special day for our family. I am so grateful for the gospel and that I know we are an eternal family. I'm also so grateful for all of the Christensens/Danleys for being such a great family and loving our little baby Dane. He is a lucky boy to have a great family and friends that set such a good example.

To find out more about eternal families click here.

Thank you to everyone that participated in Dane's big day!

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