Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Michael is 6...and 7 months!

Hi my darling little Mikey. You are now 7 months old! You have done A LOT of growing and changing the last two months and I'm excited to tell you about it. You are still a very happy and content baby. You have no problem finding something to play with on your own but love when Dane plays with you too.

7 month Stats:
Weigh- TBD
Height- TBD
Clothing- 9-12 months
Diapers- 3 for the day and 4 at night

Your hair is still a dish water blond and your eyes are dark hazel. I think both aren't done changing. But you absolutely look a lot like me but with your daddy's nose and mouth. People still ask if you and your brother are twins.

Right at 6 months you started scooting around. Mostly pushing backwards and you also figured out how to get into crawling position. At 6 1/2 months you started crawling. And not just experimenting with crawling, I mean really getting around. Before that you liked to plank  and do "downward dog" a lot. Right around this time you also figured out how to sit your self up. I was startled to walk into your room and finding you sitting up in your crib waiting for me.

At 7 months you started pulling your self up to standing and you are a really fast crawler now. I call you my little puppy dog because you will just crawl around behind me where ever I go. You want to always be in the same room as me and if you aren't and brother isn't playing with you, you will cry. I love looking down and seeing this little face looking back at me.

On December 7th you cut your first tooth! It was your lower left front tooth. Your teething signs were that you were very drooly,  a little more clingy & fussy and that you didn't want to eat solid food. You got your second tooth exactly one week later! It was you lower right front tooth. You have been chewing on everything you can get your hands on. Including me!

You are still our little bean pole. Long and skinny! Lately you have really been blowing me away with your flexibility/strength/balance. I will find you sitting in the funnies positions like it is no big deal. And you are FAST! If you see something that you want you get it. I tell your daddy that you have his reflexes.

Something that you do that I just adore is that when I pick you up you get extremely excited and start flapping your arms, kicking your feet, scrunching your face, and panting. Then you will borrow you face into my shoulder or face like you are giving me a hug and a kiss. We are so in love my little monkey.

Since we started solids (at about 6 1/2 months) you have been getting constipated a lot. It is so sad and I can tell you are so uncomfortable. I have increased the amount of peaches I give you and reduced the amount of rice cereal by a bit and that has really helped. You are a great eater still and will eat and fruit or veggie that we give you. You also are still nursing throughout the day and night.

Sleeping is going okay. You still wake up 2 times throughout the night (sometimes 3...that third one kills me:) and nap about 3 times a day. You like a late morning nap at around 10 and then your big nap is with Dane from 1-3pm and then a short nap at around 5. I can just put you in your crib with your Binkie and "Mimi blankie" and you will just fall asleep. Lots of times you just nap on the go. I guess that is what happens when there are more than just one baby in the home.

We love you easy going/happy/feisty personality and you have really found your place in our family. We can't imagine life without you now. Especially Dane. He just can't get enough of you and loves to give you kisses and hugs.

Your favorite people right now: Mama, Dane, Dada, Yaya, Nana

You brighten our lives little Mikey and we adore you for that.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Dane is 21 months!

Just three more months till you are 2 little munch. These last three months have been incredible with you. You have grown in so many ways that you are astounding us on a daily basis.We obviously think you are the smartest most awesome 21 month old alive. We are in love.

Your stats at 20 months (we don't have them for 21 months):
35.5 inches tall
28.5 lbs

The biggest development is that you are talking! You are talking a lot. At right around 19 months you went from just saying words to actually forming sentences. You like to copy everything we say. Sometimes you copy things we don't want you to say. For example you heard your daddy say "stupid cars" once while driving and now you say it every time we get in the car and have to slow down because of another car. It's funny...kind of. We are now watching what we say a little better.

You have started to say prayers with us. You say "its time for prayer" fold your arms and then repeat the prayer after us. You like to sometimes say " Dear...amen" and then bust up laughing. You think it is hilarious and we think it is pretty cute.

You can count to 10. This one blew me away. I will count things here and there like the stairs, or sometimes food but I really had no idea you were catching on. Till one day I started counting 1, 2, 3, then stopped and you said 4. Then I said five and you said 6 and this continued till 10. Since then we have heard you count all the way up all by your self.

You figured out jumping. Like all the way jumping. Off of two feet, in the air, landing on two feet. And now you do it all the time. The biggest fan of this new trick is your brother Mikey. He laughs and laughs and laughs. And you know what? You love making him laugh. You also like to sit on him when he is lying on his tummy and ride on him. He doesn't like that too much but will still laugh. You also like to push on his tummy and tickle him. Lately you will lye on your tummy when Mikey is and say "crawl" and show him how. You are such a good brother.

You are still left handed when it comes to throwing, eating, and drawing.

You still have a very serious streak. It takes a little coaxing to get you to smile and laugh some times. When you are trying something new that is fun you will not smile or laugh until you are really sure about it. You also still don't really like smiling for pictures.

You have some favorite people. Auntie Yah-yah, Preslie & Chloe. You talk about these three people all the time. Even when they aren't around. Auntie Yah-yah comes over and spends the night with us and you two have sooo much fun with her. You are silly and show off your cool tricks when she is around. After she goes home it is a good 1-2 days of "Where's Yah-yah?". You have even started calling her Mama Yah-yah sometimes. Preslie & Chloe are your best friends. When you three get together there is a lot of laughing, screaming, chasing, playing, following, copying, hugging, and the occasional crying. The sad part is that they just moved away. I don't think you really understand exactly what happened but you do understand that there is "no Chloe". Every once in a while you will just say that out of the blue. It breaks my heart when you say it but I'm so glad that you were able to make such great friends.

Speaking of making friends you are getting pretty social now. You will talk to strangers and make friends quickly with people your age when we go to the park or just out to eat. Your ice breaker line is "high five" and you hold your little hand out till they give you a high five. So cute.

You are definitely developing likes and dislikes and the ability to express them. And express them I  mean screaming, throwing (slowly and carefully) your self on the floor, running away, screaming, flailing your arms, did I mention screaming? We are working together on figuring out ways to get your point across without all the drama and every once in a while I see improvement. We are both learning.

We have a molar! It's on your bottom right side and I think it was pretty painful coming through. I also think the other ones are on there way and I think this is making you a little cranky. It's understandable.

You are such a joy to us little Dane. We can't imagine our lives without you and just love you to pieces!

You are still a HUGE fan of your daddy! When you guys go out in the car together you like to repeat what daddy says and then he will repeat what you say. You guys will make funny voices when doing it. "Trrruuuuuuck" You like to ask where daddy is during the day and sometimes will answer your own question by saying "Daddys at work".

Yes, you are on a leash. You are so fast!

 All of these pictures were taken when we took you to the San Diego Safari Park when you turned 21 months old.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

A fundraiser party for a good cause...Lula Roe!

Hey Ladies!

I'm really excited to be hosting a Lula Roe party! My good friend Mary Mulroney just started selling these awesome clothes. If you have never heard of this brand of clothing they offer comfortable, stylish, & flattering clothes for women and girls. The items include maxi skirts (my favorite), pencil skirts, a-line skirts, dresses and new as of this week LEGGINGS! Once you try one on you will want to live in them! Seriously they might just become your go to items in your wardrobe. You should check out their website to see just how cute they are and like their facebook page while your at it:

My favorite part of this party is that I'm teaming up with Karen from A Peak at Karen's World for my upcoming skirt party to help raise funds for her upcoming trip to El Porvenir, Honduras during Christmas. She has signed up to volunteer with an awesome organization called the Honduras Child Alliance. To read more about this cause read this. Along with looking for help with the cost of airfare, she would love to take a suitcase full of items from their wishlist to hand out to the children. Proceeds from each skirt sale will go to this great cause and Lula Roe will be matching those proceeds! Let's help Karen get to Honduras and take things to help the children (mostly books and school supply).
The party will be at my place and will be open house style (so you can just run in and run out if you have to) on Saturday October 26th from 10:00am-12:30pm. Not only will you be able to see the clothes in person and try them on but I will have yummy snacks, door prizes, and a raffle for a movie night gift basket ($30+ value). With each item that you purchase you will get an entry into the raffle!

So come stop and bring a friend if you would like! You won't be disappointed!

Worried that you can't make it on that day or time? Just let me know and I'll find a way for you to check them out! Are you out of state? Don't worry! We can help you find something that you'll love too!

Help make this a success!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Michael is 5 months

Happy 5 months old Mikey! You are turning into one little wiggly bean pole. This past month has been fun because you are really starting to move around a lot and grab for things. Your daddy said "oh ya, I remember this phase. Its so hard to hold them!" And it's true. You are always trying to stand up or wiggle or reach for something so carrying you is a little bit tricky. However, sometimes, when you are getting sleepy, you will burrow your face into me and just want to snuggle.

   Here are your stats:
28'' long 95+%
15 lbs 11.5 oz  48%
head  16.5" 25%
Your length to weight right now is below the charts...hence the bean pole nickname you have gained.

Your hair is lighting up and coming in thicker now and your eyes are still dark. Your big bright eyes still make everyone smile especially your family. It's still hard to tell what color they will stay. You are long and thin and you are already wearing 9 month clothes. I feel like we skipped right over the 6 month clothes. Most people say you look exactly like me. I still see mostly you daddy but with maybe my eyes.

You now roll both directions easily and get around pretty well like that. You push up to strait arms while on your tummy and like to kick your feet. Soon you will be crawling little one, and I'm so excited for you.

You smile and laugh ALL THE TIME. It is adorable and your joy brightens up our home . You love to watch Dane run around and dance and you just laugh and laugh. I can tell you two are really starting to be friends now. He will run up to you and jump and you will laugh. This happens over and over again. Sometimes Dane will be a little too rough and he will make you cry but you don't cry long and accept his apology kisses.

Speaking of kisses, you are starting to lean in for them when we go to kiss you. This might be because you have all three of us wanting to kiss you all the time. You get A LOT of practice.

My love for you doubles and triples with each month that passes. I think about it durring our middle of the night feedings. When it is dark and quiet and everyone else is asleep but you and I my heart swells with love for you. You have such a sweet and fun spirit. I will miss these times when you are older and sleeping through the night.

You are a great nurser still and are ready to try real food. When we are eating together at the dinner table you always reach for our food and you look like you can't wait to be able to eat like us. However, we will wait till next month to get started with that.

As of this month you have started going to bed at the same times as your brother for nap time and bed time. You have stopped doing your 9pm crying time (thank goodness) and will go down quietly at about 7:30-8pm. When you sleep you want to be on your left side, with a Binky, and your face burrowed into a blanket. You want your first feeding at 11ish and then again at 3:30am and 5:30am. You usually end up in bed with me for the 5:30am feeding and you will stay there snuggling till it's time to wake up for the day. Sometimes I don't even remember bringing you to bed and just wake up with you there.  You ALWAYS wake up at 7:30 with gas. It's kind of funny.

You and your daddy are really starting to bond. When daddy is getting dressed in the morning you will lye in bed and watch him. Sometimes you will even reach out for him. Daddy loves to give you kisses and throw you up in the air. Just wait till you can run around with Daddy and Dane! Daddy has also started watching you and your brother on Thursday nights while I go to choir practice and you have been such a good boy for him. Thanks sweetie.

Okay little monkey, till next month! I love you!

My recovery:
As of right now I am 6lbs away from pre baby weight. I can fit into most of my pre-pregnancy clothes -even though they look completely different now. I'm in good spirits and starting to feel like my self again. Work and 2 kids can be overwhelming most some days (especially when we have a rough night) but I'm just trying to concentrate on my blessings and move forward. Note to self: It takes me 4 months to feel somewhat normal after child birth. Not any sooner so try to be gentle and patient with your self .

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Michael is 4 months!

Hey there little Mikey! Happy 4 months!

Your stats are:
27" long 95+%
16 lbs 75%

You are growing, growing, growing! You continue to be such a happy baby boy. In fact, that is usually the first thing people notice about you. And then they move quickly to how big you are. 

You love to giggle and your brother and you love to giggle back and forth. I have to say that one of my favorite parts of watching you grow is seeing your relationship with your brother develop. Most of time you boys like to giggle at each other while you are in the car. You two love each other and have the best time playing. I can tell you can't wait till you can get up and run around with him.

You are defiantly teething and you always have your hands in your mouth. No teeth yet but I'm sure they are coming soon.You also have found your feet and love to chew on those too.

This month you have started fussing at night. It starts at 9pm to be exact and I'm not kidding about that. I don't even need to look at a clock to know it is 9pm anymore. You will even wake up from a peaceful sleep to cry at 9pm. It's kind of crazy. It lasts about 2 hrs and then you will fall asleep for the night (well, at least for about 3 hrs). Since our pool is heated and it has been very warm out I will take you swimming during that time and you quiet right down. You love going in the pool.

You are getting to be very wiggly. In fact, it was pretty hard to take your 4 month picture. You always want to be standing and moving around. You have such strong legs!

You like to stick your tongue out and do it a lot.  Especially when you smile. I just think it is the cutest thing ever.

Your eyes seem to be staying dark and your hair is coming in a dark blond.  Lots of people are saying you look a lot like me now. I spend a lot of time day dreaming about what you will look when you are all grown up. But no matter what or who you look like I just pray that you grow up to be a man that knows how to work hard, have integrity, and have a strong testimony of your heavenly Father and the gospel. Your dad and I talk all the time about what we can do to help you grow up and be happy. We love you so much little monkey.

We took a  mini day vacation to Arrowhead on Labor day. This was your first time up to the mountains and we loved showing you and your brother around. You mostly just stayed snuggled up with me while Daddy and brother went exploring. Going to the mountains is my favorite thing to do. I find peace there and re-charge for going back to every day life.

While up there you got to meet your 2nd cousin Jack Ward. You two are very close in age and it was fun seeing you two meet each other.

 I can't wait to see what this next month will bring! Love you little Mikey.

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