Thursday, May 8, 2014

Story time at The Farm

No joke, our new story time is at a farm. It is one of the cutest things I have ever seen!

Right before we moved my sweet sister in law, Jodee, emailed me to tell me about a story time that she thought might be close to where we were moving. Little did I know it was just about 5 min away from our new house and the perfect story time for my boys.

I don't know if it is the extreme silence of a library or the fact that everyone is sitting still and peaceful but my kids go crazy in libraries. Screaming, shouting, running, you name the rule...they are breaking it. Let's not even bring up the fact that they have electric doors that magically open when two year olds run strait at them (and then strait toward a busy street).


The first time we went was 4 days after we moved in. My Mother in Law was with us and I though it would be a perfect opportunity to try a new story time while I had the extra help (see above story time experience). I didn't actually realize that when it was at a place called "The Farm" that it would actually BE on a farm! We all fell in love pretty instantly. Also, while walking up someone from our new ward recognized Dane and so she was sweet enough to show us the ropes.

The children sat around a wood burning stove while surrounded by organic fruits and veggies and baby chicks. The charming lady leading story time read to them and played the guitar for singing time. Dane was memorized. After it was over they all got a snack of fresh fruit and then were able to go out to see and pet the animals. Dane went crazy over all the "John Dee Traktors" and Mikey just relaxed and ate strawberries till his heart's content. Did I mention this is all free? It is! Except for the fact that I always walk out with a few pints of strawberries.

We now go to this story time every Tuesday and I feel so blessed to live in a place that has such a neat thing to do. Not to mention the cute friends we are making and getting to see while there!

The Beach. My conversion story.

I used to hate the beach.

Wait, let's back up.

I used to actually love the beach. The warm sand, the sound of the ocean, getting a tan, wearing a sun dress, reading a book, playing games. It was relaxing and a treat to be able to get away to the beach.

Then I had 2 babies 15 months apart and that is when I started to hate the beach. My beach experiences consisted of spending 2 hrs getting ready for and trying to leave the house to get to the beach. Then trying to find free/close parking, lugging 3 bags, toys, umbrellas, hats, floaties, and one child that barley cooperates while walking and the other one that doesn't walk through 1 mile of sand b4 even seeing the ocean. Then I would spend 1 tortuous hour of chasing a 2 yr old and keeping him from getting swept into the ocean to certain death. All the while making sure my baby is protected from the sun and off the sand (because he screams if he touches the sand). Not to mention trying to feed them snacks that pretty much consisted of 60% sand and 40% food. Just to then realize it is nap time and start packing up to leave.

I was sure my beach going days were over. At least for about 8yrs that is.

And then enter Carmel River Beach...

At the end of a winding residential road is this little beach. It is an inlet so you aren't actually facing the ocean you are facing the green rolling hills of Carmel. Meanwhile you can hear the roaring waves crashing behind you. I parked (for free) walked 10 steps and plopped my things down. Dane ran strait to the water and was able to safely play in the water and sand. Mikey miraculously decided that he is okay with sand now and joined right in on the fun.

Some of our sweet new friends that invited us showed up shortly after we did and all the kids played happily while we chatted and snacked. It was amazing. My love for the beach has been restored and I'm so excited to go back again (as soon as it warms up above 65! Geesh it is cold up here).

Now on my wish list is one of these and one of these.

Michael is 1!

Happy Birthday Mikey!


Your 1 yr Stats:

How are you already 1 year old? This past year went by so fast and yet I feel as though I can't even remember our life with out you. You bring such joy to our family with you big personality and endless cuddles and kisses.

We celebrated your birthday at our new home in Salinas, CA with your Daddy, brother, and me. You had dinner and then we gave you a cake to taste. You tried it but weren't that interested. You much rather would have had some fresh strawberries. Then you opened you gifts and played with Dane till bed time. It was a small celebration but just perfect.

You do this thing where you will crawl up to us really fast and then throw your whole body at us for a hug and then give kisses after kisses. It is my favorite. You also like to cuddle into a little ball and just snuggle. You are my little peanut.

You are very outgoing and will wave hi and smile at anyone that will look at you (and sometimes people that don't look at you). As soon as they say hi back you will hide your face and be coy then pop back up for some more. You are never shy to explore or try something new. You are also a very determined boy. If you decided that you want something or want to go somewhere you will not give up trying.  I hope you keep that trait because it will help you a lot throughout life.

You are so close to just taking off with walking. You will take up to 10 steps on your own and then drop down to a crawl. I think you like going fast and walking is not fast enough for you....yet. Heaven help me once you get fast with walking! You love to try to jump with Dane and to dance to music.

Your favorite thing to eat right now is strawberries and meat. Any kind of meat. You have turned into a little carnivore! I think you are in need of a little extra iron right now and I'm helping you out with some vitamins. Having a low iron count runs on my side of the family and I think you have that trait as well. We have reduced the amount of times that you nurse now to maybe 1 time during the day but still at night. This really happened during the move while you were being watched by other during the day so that we could pack up. I think you were ready though and haven't complained at all.

You sure do have a lot to say now. You still have about the same amount of words as last month but your babbling and sure picked up. I just love hearing it. Most of the time you are talking to Dane and then he will tell me what you want or don't want. "Mama, Mikey wants milk" "Mama, Mikey is pooping" "Mama, Mikey is all done". He is your little interpreter.


We are attached at the hip. If I could, you would want me to hold you all day right now. I think you are getting some new teeth (two more on the top) and it has made you need some extra attention and love. You currently just have your 2 upper and 2 lower teeth.

One thing that I want you to know, to really really know, is that you are so important to our family. You are loved so much by each and everyone of us. You and your brother Dane were sent down here so close together for a purpose and seeing you two interact and help each other is a testament to that for me. We love you and will always love you. No matter what.

Happy Birthday my Darling little Michael. I can't wait to see what this new year has in store for you!

Michael is 10....&11 months!

Hi there darling little Michael. You are 11 months old now and you are growing like a weed! You are so active and feisty.  You love to snuggle me and play with your daddy and giggle with your brother. This has been a busy few months for us. We found out that we will be moving to Monterey county in April for Daddy's new job! So, we have started packing and getting ready for the move. You don't seem to notice and are having so much fun playing and exploring your surroundings.

You have a lot of new tricks that you like to do now. You will wave "hi" and "bye" and give high fives when asked. You also like to dance when ever music is put on. Your dancing consists of shaking your head back and forth and bouncing. You have rhythm little monkey! You will take 4-5  steps unassisted but still prefer to drop down and crawl. You have gotten really fast a t crawling! You are the fastest when ever I open our front door. You act as if you have been imprisoned your whole life and need to make a break for it. You are joined by your older brother and our dog at your escape attempts.You have mastered going up stairs but still try to go down head first. You have also figured out how to climb up on to the couch. You will climb over, under, through, and around pretty much anything.

You have started really saying some words. You say...
This ("dis")
What's that ("wa dat")

You still like to babble a lot and speak through your nose. We joke that you sound like you should be speaking french. You are also developing quite the scream. It is a great defense mechanism and gets your point across when someone (ah-hm Dane) is playing a little too rough. But you will also use it if you aren't getting food fast enough or when you are really tired.

You are still nursing with me full time. I cherish these times with you and I feel so blessed to be able to continue nursing you till we are ready to stop. At right about 11 months old you decided that you are willing to take a bottle as well so I have started giving you a bottle sometimes. You are a silly eater. Kind of picky and always suspicious of what I am putting in your mouth. You really don't like pureed foods. You would much rather have normal food. You actually will refuse to eat baby food now and insist on eating by your self. That is fine with me!

You now take one long nap in the middle of the day with your brother Dane. Sometimes you will take a short morning nap or a short nap in the evening as well but it isn't usual. You still wake up 1-2 times in the night to feed. I have tried not feeding you when you wake up and just holding you but you make it very clear that you want to nurse (see above about your scream:).  When you wake up in the morning you and your brother will play in your cribs and jump and laugh. I love listening to you two before I come in to get you up. You wake with the sun little one. Always up at 6am. I'm considering some black out curtains. 

Here are your 10 months stats;
 20lbs  50%
30 1/2 " above the charts

It is crazy to think that your 1 yr post will be in a new home in a new town. We are very excited about the changes but have a lot of fond memories of bring you home and raising you at Empire Apartments. You loved to explore the courtyard and would always go strait for the dirt in the gardens. You have a couple little friends (Charlotte & Saywer) that you like to play with. You love sitting and looking out our front window at people going by or the rain. 

We love you little monkey! We are excited to celebrate your first year!


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