Saturday, March 27, 2010

A week without musical rehearsals

We are just starting to recuperate from our musical last weekend(pictures to follow). We have enjoyed this past week not having rehearsals every night.

Through the musical we met this great girl Devan who played one of the brides. She just started working at a new job at the new Ruby's as a server that opened in Anaheim. She was so sweet and invited us to come to their mock opening and we went! We had a great time being served in our car with the window trays, watching all the rollerskating servers, and eating the tasty food. Thanks Devan!

Our primary had an activity night and we did a multicultural night. We had a ton of kids show up (I wish we had that many on Sundays. I didn't even know some of the kids!) and they all had a blast. All the adults did fantastic jobs decorating each room and doing fantastic presentations. My room didn't have very fun decorations but we did do a spaghetti slurping contest and I gave the kids Italian cookies and chocolate so that made up for it.

One thing that I look forward to every month is our book club. We have the best group of girls and we always have a fun time. This month we read The History of Love which is a good book (I was confused pretty much all the way through. I guess I just wasn't smart enough for this book:) and we did a green theme to celebrate a belated St. Patrick's Day. We had a smaller group this month (last couple months we have had like 10 people show up) but as you can see we had a blast.

I kept forgetting to hit the timer button before taking the picture and we had some arranging issues with the position of everyone on the couch. I thought these pictures were too funny not to post. Notice Erin sleeping in the first pic., the giggles in the second, and the interesting leg positioning in the third.
Not only did we all wear green but all the decorations were green and all the food was green. There was: green fruit tray with a green cream cheese dip (by me), cookies with frosting and green candies (by Angie), green cheesecake with white chocolate topping (by Cece), green pasta with pesto (by Shawna), green cupcakes (by Shawna), green mint chocolate chip ice cream (by Rachel), and green drinks.

We finally got some cute pictures of us and the books...

I loved this green-themed party and want to have a color theme for every party:-) Is that weird?

Friday, March 19, 2010

Today's the day!

Tonight is opening night of the Musical that I have been directing for the past 6 weeks. Yes, that's right, we have only had 6 weeks to put it together but it really is a top quality show! I am so proud of the cast for learning all the music and lines so fast. I also have the most talented set designer and painter. She did the whole thing in no time at all and it looks better then I could have imagined. She actually does room murals if anyone is looking to ad some super cute art to their nursery or any room really check out her website! I would highly recommend her. I also had a really talented writer write our narration. She has a fun blog- check it out!

So, we have worked really hard on this show and I am hoping to get a good turn out to see it. If you don't have any plans tonight or Saturday night at 7pm come out and see it! It will be worth it to see Aaron in his costume ;-)

Anaheim Stake Center
440 N. Loara St. Anaheim, CA
Admission fee- canned good donation

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Hair party!

Last night a bunch of girls and I met at Erin's place to have a hair party. It was so much fun and there was so many cute headbands and clips that it was really hard to choose. At one point I probably had 10 headbands and clips in my hands:-) This hair party was a really great idea for a girls night out. If you want to have a party with your friends or just want to order some cute accessories check out this website.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A new favorite of mine

Those of you that were at the "Favorites Party" at Karen's house know that one of my favorite things is my Apple cutter.

That may seem like a silly thing to be one of my favorites but it is. I love apples however, I don't really like eating them whole(it's messy and the skin bothers me sometimes). But with my great apple slicer it cuts it into nice little slices for me:-)

One of my favorite fruits is mango. I really love them and apparently have loved them since I was a baby and my mom would give me the pit from the mango, that she had frozen, to chew on while I was teething. However, yet again it is kind of a hassle and mess to cut a mango successfully. With that in mind, you can imagine how excited I was when I saw this and then my loving husband bought it for me!

I was a little nervous that it wouldn't work well or that it wouldn't fit the mango right and waste a lot the fruit or something like that. But it didn't! It is my new favorite and since the mangos have been on sale a lot lately we have been enjoying a lot of fresh mangos in our home. I would highly recommend it. So, if invited to another "Favorites Party" expect to be getting one of these:-)

So, now it is sitting on my shelf right next to my apple slicer and a couple of my other favorite things in the kitchen- this and this. The next thing on my list is this :-)

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Why have I not been posting a lot?

This is why...

The Anaheim stake is putting on a production of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers and guess who got put in charge? Yup, you guessed it! So, any spare time I have has been dedicated to putting together this musical. I was given only 6 weeks to put it together but I have been blessed with a really talented cast that has learned and memorized everything in record time.

Aaron is also busy at rehearsals as he has been cast as Gideon (one of the brothers).

So, there is only 2 weeks left till the performance and I am officially going crazy with Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. I have been having weird dreams for the last few nights about it:-)

All of you that are in the area should come out to see it!

Friday, March 19, 2010 at 7:00pm
Saturday, March 20th at 7:00pm

Anaheim Stake Center
440 N. Loara St.
Anaheim, CA

The show is going to be really great! We are not asking for any admission fee but we are asking for a canned good donation that will go to Halcyon House (who help the homeless in the area).

I hope to see you there!

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