Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Dane is 21 months!

Just three more months till you are 2 little munch. These last three months have been incredible with you. You have grown in so many ways that you are astounding us on a daily basis.We obviously think you are the smartest most awesome 21 month old alive. We are in love.

Your stats at 20 months (we don't have them for 21 months):
35.5 inches tall
28.5 lbs

The biggest development is that you are talking! You are talking a lot. At right around 19 months you went from just saying words to actually forming sentences. You like to copy everything we say. Sometimes you copy things we don't want you to say. For example you heard your daddy say "stupid cars" once while driving and now you say it every time we get in the car and have to slow down because of another car. It's funny...kind of. We are now watching what we say a little better.

You have started to say prayers with us. You say "its time for prayer" fold your arms and then repeat the prayer after us. You like to sometimes say " Dear...amen" and then bust up laughing. You think it is hilarious and we think it is pretty cute.

You can count to 10. This one blew me away. I will count things here and there like the stairs, or sometimes food but I really had no idea you were catching on. Till one day I started counting 1, 2, 3, then stopped and you said 4. Then I said five and you said 6 and this continued till 10. Since then we have heard you count all the way up all by your self.

You figured out jumping. Like all the way jumping. Off of two feet, in the air, landing on two feet. And now you do it all the time. The biggest fan of this new trick is your brother Mikey. He laughs and laughs and laughs. And you know what? You love making him laugh. You also like to sit on him when he is lying on his tummy and ride on him. He doesn't like that too much but will still laugh. You also like to push on his tummy and tickle him. Lately you will lye on your tummy when Mikey is and say "crawl" and show him how. You are such a good brother.

You are still left handed when it comes to throwing, eating, and drawing.

You still have a very serious streak. It takes a little coaxing to get you to smile and laugh some times. When you are trying something new that is fun you will not smile or laugh until you are really sure about it. You also still don't really like smiling for pictures.

You have some favorite people. Auntie Yah-yah, Preslie & Chloe. You talk about these three people all the time. Even when they aren't around. Auntie Yah-yah comes over and spends the night with us and you two have sooo much fun with her. You are silly and show off your cool tricks when she is around. After she goes home it is a good 1-2 days of "Where's Yah-yah?". You have even started calling her Mama Yah-yah sometimes. Preslie & Chloe are your best friends. When you three get together there is a lot of laughing, screaming, chasing, playing, following, copying, hugging, and the occasional crying. The sad part is that they just moved away. I don't think you really understand exactly what happened but you do understand that there is "no Chloe". Every once in a while you will just say that out of the blue. It breaks my heart when you say it but I'm so glad that you were able to make such great friends.

Speaking of making friends you are getting pretty social now. You will talk to strangers and make friends quickly with people your age when we go to the park or just out to eat. Your ice breaker line is "high five" and you hold your little hand out till they give you a high five. So cute.

You are definitely developing likes and dislikes and the ability to express them. And express them I  mean screaming, throwing (slowly and carefully) your self on the floor, running away, screaming, flailing your arms, did I mention screaming? We are working together on figuring out ways to get your point across without all the drama and every once in a while I see improvement. We are both learning.

We have a molar! It's on your bottom right side and I think it was pretty painful coming through. I also think the other ones are on there way and I think this is making you a little cranky. It's understandable.

You are such a joy to us little Dane. We can't imagine our lives without you and just love you to pieces!

You are still a HUGE fan of your daddy! When you guys go out in the car together you like to repeat what daddy says and then he will repeat what you say. You guys will make funny voices when doing it. "Trrruuuuuuck" You like to ask where daddy is during the day and sometimes will answer your own question by saying "Daddys at work".

Yes, you are on a leash. You are so fast!

 All of these pictures were taken when we took you to the San Diego Safari Park when you turned 21 months old.

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